Georgia isn’t just known for its peaches. This beloved Southern state is one of the most beautiful in the entire United States of America. While other states boast their stunning infrastructure and modern urban landscapes, Georgia treasures their natural wonders and more.

Georgia national park

It’s no surprise that it’s become the go-to state for outdoor recreational activities, from the more gentle picnics and swimming at the beach to exciting hikes and mountain-climbing. Apart from these, this place is also a haven for campers as there are several beautiful campgrounds in Georgia. Here is a list of the best places in Georgia for camping in case you’re planning a little outdoor trip for you and your family.

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Skidaway Island State Park

Most southern states, Georgia included, are known for their marshes and forests. And while such places can be dangerous, the ones in the “peach state” have become some of the best campgrounds in Georgia.

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Take Skidaway Island state Park, for example. It’s a scenic site surrounded by trees, marshes, and more in the famous city of Savannah. Campers get to sleep under Spanish moss, stroll through lush greeneries, and swim at the various lakes and rivers near the site.

Skidaway Island State Park
Photo by Gianluca Bertoncelli

Lake Lanier Islands

Lake Lanier is one of the most famous bodies of water in Georgia. And surrounding it are some excellent Georgia state campgrounds for the whole family to have on. There are three campsites you can set your tent on—Blue Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, and Shoal Creek.

The latter of the three is best known for giving the best view of the entire lake. This area also houses restrooms, electric hookups, and more to make your camping experience easier and all the more enjoyable.

Stephen C. Foster State Park

Arguably one of the best campgrounds in south Georgia is Stephen C. Foster State Park in the town of Fargo. This tree-filled sanctuary is a quiet and peaceful site that’s far away from the hustles and bustles of city life. Its swampy lowlands, saltwater marshes, and moss-laced forests are stunning sights to see and great to explore with a couple of friends or your family.

If you’re lucky, you might get to see some of the interesting and beautiful wildlife that live here.

Okefenokee at Stephen C Foster State Park
Photo by Brian Eagar Nature Photography

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Jekyll Island Campground

RV campgrounds in Georgia are usually a bit loud and crowded, but not at Jekyll Island. You’ll feel like you’re Alice in Wonderland when you camp on this site, what with all its rustic wooden walkways peppered various fantasy-esque decor and a beautiful forest full of stunning Spanish moss hanging lowly on the trees.

This isn’t your typical RV camping ground. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and you might even prefer to sleep outside under the stars instead of inside your comfortable mobile home.

Georgia national park

Altamaha Park of Glynn County

If you want to camp out to really escape your stressful home life, go to Altamaha Park of Glynn County. This northern Georgia campground gives you all the space in the world to be silent, serene, and peaceful.

There available cabins if you want a closer-to-home experience, as well as various sites where you can pitch your tent and stay far away from other people as possible. The relaxing Altamaha river will be your best companion during this solitary time.

Oconee River Campground

Camping by a river is an incredibly fun variation of the recreational activity where you can swim, wash, and possibly even drink fresh mineral water from one of a natural wonder.

If you prefer doing this, pack your backs and head on over to the Oconee River Campground in Greensboro. One of the best campgrounds in Georgia, this particular site has you setting up near a trickling yet calm river, perfect for watery adventures, sports, and more.

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D. Roosevelt State Park

If you’re going camping on F. D. Roosevelt State Park, one of the most beautiful Georgia state campgrounds in this list, then go there during the fall season. At this time, the forests in this area turn into a colorful array of trees, with various shades coloring the entire campsite.

The lovely hints of the orange trees, plum fruits, and the dusky pink skies of a sunrise or sunset will leave you breathless. And furthermore, the beautiful lake Delanor is also near this particular camping ground.

Rivers End Campground & RV Park

Although camping in forests and mountains is a classic experience, make your next trip a little bit more unique by going by the beach instead. The Rivers End Campground and RV Park in Tybee Island is one of the most exciting Georgia beach campgrounds there is.

Just a few blocks away from the seaside, this beautiful patch of land offers enough space for you and your RV, as well as considerable distance from other RVs. You can swim by the sea every day during your camping trip and by the time you return to your site, you’ll be neat and dry.

Rivers End Campground & RV Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park

If there ever was an award for one of the most majestic campgrounds in Georgia, Cloudland Canyon State Park would be a heavy favorite! MAde up of water-carved cliffs, now covered in lush greeneries, the huge valley of forests, marshes, streams, and more offer a magnificent view of Mother Nature.

The hike up alone is an adventure worth checking out, but the view from your mountaintop campsite will be quite a sight to behold. And this alone makes the park one of the best Georgia state campgrounds to visit.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Another Georgia beach campground worth checking out in this list is the Sea Camp by the Cumberland Island National Seashore. This spacious area of soft white sands makes for a great site to pitch your tent and set up camp.

The sea itself is also a clear body of water that’s perfect for a mid-day dip or even a midnight swim. Arguably, however, the best sight you’ll see on this campground in South Georgia is the team fo free horses that gallop the vast lands of the state.

Vogel State Park

Vogel State Park is arguably one of the most beautiful north Georgia campgrounds. It features the stunning Wolf Creek, a calm body of water that’s perfect for all sorts of water activities and sports.

The creek is so calm and clear that you can actually see your reflection when you float on it. Additionally, the area is also home to a bevy of woodland and freshwater creatures. Seeing them up close will be the kind of experience you brag to other people when you go home after the trip.

Vogel State Park

Cabretta Campground

On Georgia’s Sapelo Island, adventurers can camp out through the night on Cabretta campground. In fact, it’s one of the more peaceful Georgia beach campgrounds on this list.

Since it’s not as well-known as the similar sites, you won’t’ get stuck with loud crowds to ruin your peaceful camping trip. You might even have the whole desert of the beach to yourself when you go there. And when you get too hot, a refreshing seaside dip will do you wonders!

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The Martyn House Farm

If you’re one to go glamping instead of camping, then The Martyn House Farm in Ellijay is the perfect north Georgia campground for you. This stylish site offers gypsy-style tents, well-decorated cabins, and more as you indulge in the beauty of the “peach state.”

This is the perfect weekend getaway destination where you just want to take a break from the city but still living large and comfortably all the way through.

Little Tybee Island

There is one place in Georgia that you can go to really separate yourself from the rest of the world: Little Tybee Island. This Georgia beach campground looks as if it was never touched by humans at all, and is just an immense land of seaside sands and salt water offers the quietest and most peaceful sanctuary in the state. It also makes or a great RV campground in Georgia as space is all to yourself, which can fit your large vehicle and more!

Tallulah Gorge State Park

You might have heard of Tallulah falls, one of the most beautiful of its kind in all of the southern states. And beside it is Tallulah Gorge State Park, A Georgia state campground that offers the very best of a nature-filled experience.

Marvel or even climb up the trees that make up this nature conservatory and see what kind of funny critters lurk around in this area. A footbridge also makes for a romantic setting with your partner, making this camping trip a great bonding experience.

Fort Yargo State Park

Camping is all about doing all sorts of outdoor activities all at once, which you can all do at Fort Yargo State Park. Here, you can hike a mountainous trail, go fishing or kayaking on a calm lake, or even go glamping by the lakeside yurts in the area. This is one of those rare campgrounds in Georgia where you can do just about anything!

Georgia national park

Mistletoe State Park

Just the name alone should tell you what kind of Georgia state campground this is.

Mistletoe State Park in Appling is one of the best campgrounds in Georgia for a romantic getaway. Situated near the calm Clark Hill Lake, its serene atmosphere and peaceful area will you fall in love all over again!. And the stunning sunset view? Breathtaking!

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High Falls State Park

If the camping ground is known as one of the best fishing destinations in the country, you know it’s worth visiting! Such a reputation is owned by the High Falls State Park in Macon, Georgia.

This beautiful camping site boasts an array of fishing docks, a beautiful lake, and various boat rentals for you and the entire family. You can spend the day fishing away while you relax, bond, and simply have a great time!

Chattahoochee Bend State Park

A great campground in Georgia that’s perfect for the little ones is Chattahoochee Bend State Park. Here, a magnificent view of the Chattahoochee river awaits adult adventures and child explorers alike. There are also tons of recreational games and activities for people of all ages. The more mature ones can go hiking across the mountainous valley that surrounds the river, while the kids can go on an exciting scavenger hunt in the forest, provided they’re supervised!

Battlefield Campground And RV Park

A northern Georgia campground is also an RV park called the Battlefield Campground and RV Park. This area offers various activities for traditional campers, as well as serves as one of the best RV campgrounds in Georgia.

For the latter, there are numerous electrical hookups and sewer drainage systems, while the former can go on hikes, go fishing by a nearby lake, and pitch their tents on a beautiful and luscious green patch of land that’s a by farther away from the RV park. Both parties can stay happy this way!

Georgia national park

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The next time you go camping, explore Georgia and see which camping grounds suit you best! More than just the “peach state,” it’s also home to various sites where you can go live your wildest adventures!



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