Among all the major cities of Canada, Whistler is vastly underrated. This cold but cozy city is as diverse as Vancouver and as bustling as Toronto. Not to mention the rich culture that can rival even that of the French Quarter that is Montreal.

The snow might not be the most seductive part of it, but it definitely adds to the town’s indelible charm! so if you’re off to Canada on your next trip, do yourself a favor and go to Whistler, Canada for an unforgettable visit. Here are just some that you get to do that you won’t see or experience anywhere else!

Slide Down the Whistler Sliding Centre


For a truly adrenaline-pumping activity, take your bobsleigh or snowboard and zoom down the Whistler Sliding Centre. This is actually one of the most exciting things you can do in this ski resort town. The cold breeze and slushy snow you get to land on at the bottom are truly unique and a must-try for any first-timer in the area!

See the Whistler Museum


If you want to know more about the history of Whistler, Canada, the Whistler Museum is at your disposal. From the indigenous tribes and communities that lived here to the legendary sportsmen and women who’ve won championships on this very land, the museum chronicles all that makes this town such a great and historic place!

Take a Ziptrek Ecotour


Did you know that one of the best things to do in Whistler, Canada is to fly out into the clouds? You can only do this when you take a Ziptrek Ecotour! Fly up to 180 feet above the ground and see the city in a new light!

Visit the James Stewart Sculpture Gallery


Within this adrenaline-pumping ski resort town is a haven for art lovers who want to take a break from winter sports and just indulge in fine art and culture. This particular spot is the James Stewart Sculpture Gallery, where you can see life-like sculptures and other incredible works of art!

Float on Lost Lake


One of the most relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada is to have a nice boat ride on Lost Lake. Away from the busier snow-drenched parts of the city, this pristine body of water is the perfect serene escape for a nice, quiet afternoon with your significant other or even just by yourself!

Study at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

Want to learn more about the rich cultures that once dominated this land? head on over to Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre for some research! Here, artifacts, displays, and will tell you all about Lil’wat traditional culture and what makes it a fascinating topic to study!

Cycle Through the Valley Trail


If you’re not into snowboarding or skiing, but more into biking, head on over to Valley Trail for a nice cycle through friendly neighborhoods and serene parks. This is one of the more peaceful things to do in Whistler, BC which is quite rare in such an exciting city!

Take a Course in the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School


Want to get in on the snowy action but you don’t know how? Take a course or two at the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School. Studying here is one of the Whistler activities you have to do when you visit this town, as snowboarding and skiing are a major part of life here. And if you don’t know how to do them, you might as well head on over to the next city!

Play Golf at the Whistler Golf Club


Another relaxing thing to do in Whistler is to play golf at the Whistler Golf Club. Here, a scenic course surrounded by forests and set beside a stunning mountainous view is the luxurious experience many travellers dream of. Where else in the world will you get to play this premier sport with an astonishing view of Mother Earth?

Visit Brandywine Falls Provincial Park


For you nature lovers out there who are sick of snow, visiting Brandywine Falls Provincial Park Whistler, Canada must-try! Hike through forests, discover all sorts of fascinating flora and fauna, and see Daisy Lake, a beautiful lake and waterfall that’s as storybook as you can get. You’d feel as if you entered into a fairytale land the moment you step foot in this park!

Have a Fiesta in The Mexican Corner


Did you know that you can still experience another culture in this part of the country? Having a fiesta at The Mexican Corner is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Whistler, BC. This restaurant serves a full-on experience with authentic spicy Mexican dishes and some Mariachi music for good measure!

Ride a Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Perhaps one of the most hair-raising and adrenaline-pumping Whistler activities on this list is riding a peak-to-peak gondola. A cable car between two mountains, you have literally perched thousands of feet above the ground and treated to a storybook-like view of snow-drenched pine trees and mountains! It may be scary, but it’ll be worth it once you see the incredible view!

Hike through the Garibaldi Provincial Park


Want to go on a hike? Garibaldi Provincial Park is the place for you! This terrain of forested mountains provides the perfect setting for any nature-filled adventure! There’s even a quiet lake within the park for you to swim in or have a nice boat ride on when it’s too cold!

Visit Whistler’s Olympic Park


Relive the glory days of the 2010 Winter Olympics by dropping by Whistler’s Olympic Park! You can ski down or simply be on the actual site here countless superstar athletes played for their countries and won medals and broke records!

Drink Some Hot Cocoa at the Four Seasons Resort


Another relaxing thing to do in Whistler, Canada is to have a nice hot cup of cocoa at the Four Seasons Resort. The said establishment is one of the few five-star luxury hotels in town. So when you get tired of all the snowy adventures or nature trails, indulge in first-class services at this wonderful resort and hotel!

Marvel at the Sea-to-Sky Waterfalls


Only in Whistler, Canada can you see the Sea-to-Sky Waterfalls, a group of waterfalls that are some of the tallest in the country. From the incredibly high Brandywine waterfalls to the extremely beautiful Rainbow waterfalls, each site is more stunning than the next! The best part? They’re easy to go to since they’re relatively near the highway!

Eat Some Peaked Pies


You can’t go to Whistler, Canada and not have a Peaked Pie! It’s one of the more traditional things to do in Whistler, BC! From the savoury meat selection to their sweet and fruity desserts, Peaked Pies are a must when visiting this prominent ski resort town!

Take a Load Off at Rainbow Park


Take a load off away from the snowy mountains and enjoy a day out in the sun at Rainbow Park. Whether you’re playing sports with your travel-mates or having a romantic boat ride with your partner, this park is the perfect antidote for all the winter sports in Whistler, Canada!

Eat Japanese Food at Sachi Sushi


Craving for some Japanese food? Head on over to Sachai Sushi at the Summer Lodge Boutique Hotel for a luxurious dining experience! From warm udon noodles to as much sushi as you can eat! It’s a grand cultural escape within the heart of Whistler, Canada!

As you can see (or read!), Whistler, Canada has a lot to offer! Why not go here now and experience this unique and charming town for yourself?


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