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You can always find kindred spirits when it comes to world travel. Some people out there might find your travel experiences inspiring and eventually lead them to gallivant the world themselves. While others can use them as guides for their own trips from place to place. Whichever case it is, your stories can certainly help, and Mister Hint is just the online space to share them with!

Our website gives travellers, both experienced and new, a great source for learning and inspiration for their worldly trips. We cover all continents, specifically the beautiful countries, with their colourful cultures and natural wonders, that make them up. And who knows, your story could be published here for all the world to see!

How to Submit your Experiences to Mister Hint:

  1. Get in touch by emailing us at info@misterhint.com or by messaging us through our various social media platforms.
  2. Determine which category or continent you want to share about. We have ‘Tips & Tricks,’ ‘Inspiration,’ and destinations from the continents of Europe, Asia, the Carribean, Central America, as well as various places in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  3. Your article must not be less than 1500 words—full of exciting and original content about your journeys to different hotspots, immersing in the local life, and many more!
  4. Please ensure that all the information found in your pieces fully fact-checked so that we can give our readers 100% accurate content.
  5. Include 4-5 images, preferably original, for visual aid of your stories. If you choose not to share your own pictures, you can instead include images that are free to use with no copyright issues attached to them. Make sure all images submitted are of high resolution.
  6. Keep your articles light-hearted and fun, but don’t shy away from warning potential travellers of places to avoid and what not to do in certain destinations.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our contents are contributed by travellers who’ve been to many places around the world. We serve primarily as a platform for both learning and sharing in the wonders fo world travel and how people can improve on it. We are currently not in a position to pay contributors for their submitted works, but we will, however, give full credit to those travellers out there who are generous enough to share their stories and experiences with the world.