Vancouver may not sound as alluring a city as the likes of Manhattan, Paris, or Bali, but it has its own unique charms. One of the biggest cities in Canada, and in North America in general, It’s one of the most diverse areas in the country.

From varying cultures to different interests. it has loads of places that can entertain, charm, and excite people from all walks of life. You may think that this city is not as exciting as other more popular tourists hotspots, but a visit or two here, with all its colourful offerings, you’re likely to think otherwise. But what is there to do in Vancouver, Canada? Here are some of the best suggestions!

Drive Up the Sea-to-Sky Highway

Only on the Sea-to-Sky Highway do you get to drive between a beautiful pristine sea and a lusciously green terrain. The contrast of the two natural wonders is an amazing sight to behold, all within the comfort of your own car! But while you’re basking in the glorious view, remember to keep your eyes on the road too!

Ride your Bike in Stanley Park

If you’re looking nice bike ride in the afternoon, do so in Stanley Park, from the colorful autumn-hued trees, the fresh seaside air, to the calming atmosphere of the city park, this place is a relaxing haven for those who simply want to spend a quiet and peaceful afternoon in the heart of bustling Vancouver!

Explore Gastown

A taste of chic European style metropolis in the middle of Vancouver is Gastown. Once one of the largest cosmopolitan areas in the country, it’s now an area of chic establishments fashionable stores. and a few nightlife hubs for the adventurous city traveller. It’s all about the luxurious lifestyle in this part of town.

Eat at Chinatown

Every major city has its own Chinatown, and in Vancouver, you can eat as much savoury dishes as you want. From dim sum to warm noodle soup, Pecking Duck to egg rolls, all your favourite Chinese food are freshly and authentically made in this stunning sub-city!

Camp Near Deep Cove

Canada is a well-known natural haven for campers and in Vancouver, Deep Cove is the best place for such. Whether you want to go kayaking on a calm lake, hike through a cold forest, or simply roast marshmallows under the stars, this serene area makes for a great campsite to satisfy your adventurous needs!

Visit Fairmont Hotel

Want another high-class experience? Head on over to the Fairmont Hotel and have some afternoon tea with a few friends. Delectable sandwiches, sweet pastries, and soothing tea await those who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle. You do, however, have to dress the part so make sure you have some appropriate clothes with you at all time.

Shop at Richmond Night Market

If you’re one to go shopping, best to drop by the Richmond Night Market come nightfall. Here, you can buy all sorts of fascinating trinkets, knick-knacks, and more to keep as souvenirs in your time in Vancouver. And when you need a little culinary break, a barrage of Chinese food stalls await hungry shoppers!

Explore Lynn Canyon

For the more adventurous traveller, Lynn Canyons is your best bet for a day of nature trails, forest explorations, and the like. The most popular feature here is the delicately suspended rope bridge that’s perched 50 meters high up from the ground. If you ever want your adrenaline pumped, walking through this bridge is your best bet!

Don’t Miss the Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Step aside Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, the Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, Canada is a great alternative for some botanical bliss. Housing one of the largest ecosystems within a bustling metropolis, this are is the perfect nature getaway that’s still within the city. It makes for a great picnic area as well!

Watch a Hockey Game

You can’t come to Canada without watching a hockey game. It’s the country’s main sport, and not watching a game or two can be misinterpreted as disrespectful. Luckily, Vancouver hosts all sorts of games, from local to professional, so that you can better understand what about this ice-induced sport that riles up Canadians so much!

Stroll Through Queen Elizabeth Park

queen elizabeth park

Another Vancouver garden that’s sure to enchant you is Queen Elizabeth’s Garden. with its colourful array of flora, adorable fauna residents, and serene vibe and atmosphere, it’s a great place for a nice afternoon stroll with your companions. If you’re with your significant other, it makes for a romantic see area as well!

Swim at Kitsilano Beach

Is Vancouver too cold a place to swim? Not if you head to Kitsilano Beach! This seaside area is the premier beach for those who want some watery fun in the sun! Although the sand isn’t as white as other beaches in the world. it’s still a fun place to hang out, have a party or maybe just chill out!

Experience the Nightlife at Yaletown

Where in Vancouver, Canada can you experience the best nightlife? Definitely Yaletown! Canada’s answer to New York City’s SoHo area, this patch of youthful cosmopolitan lifestyle has its fair share of nightclubs, open bars, art galleries, libraries, and more. It hipster heaven like no other, and you’ll get to meet all sorts of interesting characters along the way!

Take a Cable Car to Grouse Mountain

Formerly a ski town, Grouse Mountian has since become Vancouver’s own winter escape. When you want to feel a nice cold breeze, especially during the height of summer, take a cable cart and head on over to this towering mountain in North Vancouver!

Visit the Museum of Anthropology

One of the most educational places in Vancouver, Canada is definitely the Museum of Anthropology. Learn all about the first humans and other species in their vast galleries of scientific research and lifelike exhibits. It’s one of the most popular museums in North America a definite must-see for any first-timer in Vancouver!

Look Over the City at the Vancouver Lookout

Often referred to as the first place you should visit when you drop by the city, the Vancouver Lookout has been a popular tourist spot for many decades now. Here, you get to see the vastness and diversity of one of Canada’s most prominent cities.

See Marine Life at the Vancouver Aquarium

If you’re a fan of marine life, the Vancouver Aquarium is the place for you. All sorts of underwater creatures, from popular fishes to unknown species, are all nestled within this large aquarium just waiting to be explored. You won’t even have time in one day to see all 50,000 animals here!

Find Serenity at Tthe Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Nothing beats the serenity of a Chinese garden, and in Vancouver, you get to visit such a place by the name of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. From Ancient Chinese features to a pristine pond that you can just sit by or have a picnic to relax, this is the best place to find your zen within such a busy city!

Explore Pacific Spirit Park

One of the most beautiful forests in this part of the country, the Pacific Spirit Park is a camper’s dream! This forest of tall trees and adorable woodland creatures make for a great campsite and hiking venue for those who just want a nature-bound escape from the metropolis!

Head Over to the Sea-to-Sky Gondola

Want to spend an hour or so walking 100 meters above the ground? Go to the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. In between a pristine sea and a stunning mountain, the view from up here is the one you’ll ever see anywhere else!

These places prove that Vancouver can be the highlight of your trip! You just have to know where the best experiences are!