What is there to do in Australia? Lots of things to do in Sydney! Most of them are quite exciting, while the more relaxing recreational activities might be more in your favor.

15 AMAZING Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

The Land “Down Under” is known for being the home of a lot of natural sites and marvellous tourists attractions, not to mention a variety of wild animals that can often be dangerous.

Still, these creatures shouldn’t stop you from seeing this unique country, especially since it has loads to offer. In Sydney alone, there are so many things to do. Here are 15 of then just in case you’re planning on visiting this famous city and destinations such as the cockatoo island.

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Watch Opera

The Sydney Opera House is probably the most famous site in Australia. To this day, the iconic landmark still hosts opera shows, some that are contemporary while mostly of classical works.

Watching a show in this widely-known building is a must when you’re visiting the city. Take in all the class and culture as well as the majesty that is the grand opera house.

Cruise Along Darling Harbour

A please with such a ‘darling’ name must be worth checking out, and indeed it is. Near the grand Sydney Opera House, this famous marina offers visitors a relaxing cruise and even transporting you from one part of the city to the next, all for a very affordable fee.

If you’re not one to sail yourself, a stroll along the harbor is good enough experience during your stay in Sydney.

Cruise Along Darling Harbour

Swim In Bondi Beach

Australians are known for being “beachy” people, and one of the most famous shorelines in this country is Bondi beach. Not only is it a clean and clear beach, but it’s a lifestyle hub for those whose center around the sea. Here, you can do all sorts of water sports, from surfing the big waves to feeling like you flying on water skis.

Visit Paddy’s Market

For over 150 years, Paddy’s market has been one of the best food hubs in Sydney. This vast establishment still stands with the original brick-laced facade that was built more than a century ago, but the retail experience inside has surely gone modern. They sell some of the freshest produce in the city, as well as a few dining areas that serve various Australian delicacies.

Visit The Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Sydney certainly has a fascinating history, which is told for the newer generations through various museums. One, in particular, the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, used to be a prison of Great Britain’s most dangerous convicts.

15 AMAZING Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

The structure still mostly depict how things got on when it was still operating as a prison, with cells and cages o full display for all the world to see. In fact, this museum is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

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See The Art At Art Gallery Of New South Wales

Although Australians are more known for their active lifestyles, many of them still embrace the arts and celebrate them at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Here, countless masterpieces are put on display, with works from historic greats such as Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and Edgar Degas. Similarly to the Syndey Opera House, this building has become a hub of art and culture for many Australians living in Syndey.

Art Gallery Of New South Wales

Go On A Nature Trail At Garigal National Park

If you want a more natural adventure, away from the hustle and bustles of the city, then the Garigal National Park is the place for you. With over 2,202 hectares of lush greeneries and fascinating faunas, this is the perfect nature-bound that’ just a few minutes away from the city proper. They also have a nature trail that takes you to various parts of the park, with such amazing flora and a few adorable creatures on your path.

Drink A Pint At The Sydney Historic Pub Crawl

If there’s one thing many Australians love to do, it’s to have a good point. In Sydney, the best place to do so would be the city’s Historic Pub Crawl. This area houses four of the oldest pubs in the country and serves you delicious kinds of beer. Yet, apart from all the alcohol, this crawl is also home to a lot of mysteries that have plagued Sydney’s history, including gang violence, unsolved murders, and more.

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Climb Up The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also a famous landmark in the city. It’s even close to rivaling the fame of the Sydney Opera House. But did you know that you can climb this man-made marvel as well?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you want an adrenaline-pimping adventure, get yourself some safety climbing gear and head over to this bridge.

The view you’ll be treated to once you reach the top is worth all the strenuous work!

Sit On Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

Who would have thought that a plain old bench would be quite the landmark? Carved by a bevy of convicts back in 1810, this stone bench was commissioned for the wife of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, then Governor of New South Wales, Elizabeth Macquarie. Many people have visited the site to sit on the iconic bench where the famously historic woman used to spend time watching the ships sail through the harbour.

Eat At Circular Quay

Go on a culinary adventure by going to Circular Quay. A bevy of five-star establishments, as well as humble street eateries, await hungry travelers with their exotic dishes. Seafood is often the menu of choice here, with delicious oysters as the favorite main dish. But for the more affordable lot, burgers are the way to go, which are cooked medium rare and juicy by various restaurants.

Walk Through The Royal Botanic Garden

A day spent in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney is a day well-spent. Established in 1816, it is one of the country’s oldest scientific institutions. It’s also located near the Art Gallery of New South Wales, making it easy for students to research for both science and art history. Although a stroll would be perfect here, there’s also a mini-train that takes visitors all around the large park.

15 AMAZING Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

Visit Luna Park

Luna Park is the most famous amusement park in all of Sydney. By the silly entrance alone, you can already tell that loads of wacky fun await any visitor. Roller coasters, carnival games, and horror rides are all on offer in this wild yet extremely fun park.

Watch Sports At The SCG

If you’re a fan of rugby or football, as most Australians are, the best place to watch a game is at the SCG. Games are mostly held during weekends, and during such, the stadium is jam-packed with screaming enthusiastic fans cheering for their own teams! This is definitely an experience you’d have to have for yourself when you visit Sydney.

15 AMAZING Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

Tour The Spooky Quarantine Station

A fan of horror and the supernatural? Tour the famous Quarantine Station, which used to be a hospital of sorts for those with contagious and life-threatening diseases. It’ said that several people were left to die here and their spirits still haunt the place to scare off those brave enough to explore it.

15 AMAZING Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

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Although Australians are generally welcoming and open to tourists, there are still a few rules, both official and not, that you have to abide by. The land ‘Down Under’ has their own way of doing things, and ignoring them can be a sign fo disrespect and lead to unwanted situations. To make your trip here hassle-free here are some things you should and shouldn’t do:

Always Say Thank You

Proper manners matter to Australians, even and especially from tourists. Wherever you go, never forget to say thank you. To the doorman of your hotel, to the waiter that served you at the restaurant, to the person you asked directions from, and to the bus driver. These people will remember you more if you show proper gratitude.

Never Speak Loudly At Public Transportation

Life in Australia can get quite hectic and stressful, and there’s no other annoyance than taking public transportation. At peak hours, every bus and train are likely to be packed, so for the locals’ peace of mind, don’t talk loudly. It’s rude of you to blurt out your conversation in a setting where people are just minding their own business and simply want to go home.

Never Speak Loudly At Public Transportation

Always Listen To Lifeguards

It’s easy to be tempted to swim about your own way in Australia. Their beaches are some of the finest in the world. But when you’re on a public beach, always listen to the lifeguards in charge. Whatever they tell you to do, you should do. It’s always in your safety and comfort that they have such strict rules.

Do Not Approach Kangaroos

Finally, although they seem like cuddle creatures, you should never, under any circumstance, approach a kangaroo willy nilly. They’re not as gentle as you might think. This famous animal is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom.

One kick and you’ll be flying about in no time. When going to national parks to see them up close, always keep a considerable distance away from them.

Do Not Approach Kangaroos

Have the time of your life by doing all these activities and more the next time you’re in Syndey! Maybe now you’ll see that Australia isn’t really that intimidating a place after all!

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