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Peace and serenity aren’t precisely what immediately comes to mind when you think of Colorado. This West Coast state is more known for its mountainous valleys, dangerous cliffs, and exotic wildlife. It’s not necessarily the luxury hub that is New York, the vacation haven that is Florida, nor the star-studded state that is California.
7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try
Within this state are various wellness retreats that have now become popular across the country. These beautiful and peaceful establishments are the best places for anyone to sit back, relax, and get a new perspective on life. If you need this sort of getaway, here are the best foot spas in Colorado.

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The Allergeria Spa at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Sometimes, the best cure you need is just water. And while you may have enough in your home, it’s not the same as when a top-ranked luxury spa does it for you. Fortunately, one of the best spas in Colorado is known for their aquamarine-style therapy that’s sure to de-stress you and make you feel as good as new. The Allergeria Spa at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is watery wonderland that’s full of thermal pools, hot tubs, jacuzzis, and more. Each water feature helps guests rejuvenate, forget about their troubles, and just relax and have fun. Made up of 30,000 square feet, this spacious yoga and meditation retreat is a perfect place to unwind. The large area is great for strolls to help you calm your nerves, immerse yourself in nature, and merely forget your troubles. Apart from the water-filled facilities, this Colorado spa resort also offers private treatments for skin care, such as facials, mud masks, and the like. You can also book your private massage to push those tensions away from your body. And when you want to look your best, they also have a salon and fitness center waiting for you! Allegria Spa pampers your entire being, both inside and out.
7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try

Vitality Center at the Vail Mountain Lodge

Vitality Center in at the Vail Mountain Lodge is one of those wellness retreats in Colorado that’s all about taking care of your body. Although your mind and soul are important to them as well, they have an extraordinary focus on your physicality. It’s all about claiming your muscles, soothing your bones, and making you feel utterly relaxed and satisfied. A highlight of their many exquisite services is the special Thai herbal therapy, an ancient and authentic practice that was imported right from the Southeast Asian country. Massages are also offered here, with all types, from Swedish to Shiatsu, that will instantly make your body more comfortable. Apart from these, this retreat center in Colorado also offers a few beautifying services to have you look spiffy and new by the end of your stay. Salon services, such as hair styling and cutting, are on offer with some of the best beauticians in the state. They also provide facials to help your skin looking plump and perfect. Once your hair and skin are done, you can also work on your figure with their various fitness classes and regimes. Their spacious first-class gym caters to different types of fitness junkies, from the weightlifters to those obsesses with doing yoga.

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True Natural Healing Arts Center in the town of Carbondale

Natural healing is an important art form that not many can do. However, the people over at True Natural Healing Arts Center in the town of Carbondale are experts in such. This yoga retreat in Colorado is all about helping people heal, whether physically or mentally. For the former, they offer an array of yoga classes and sessions that are all about releasing all your tensions from your body.

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With each new pose you achieve, you’re getting nearer and nearer to a refreshed and rejuvenated new you. This Colorado spa resort is even open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset so that guests can truly maximize their stay and come here whenever they need to. But healing doesn’t have to mean just yoga, and in this five-star luxury spa, there other kinds of amenities guests can go fo. The tea room, for example, makes for a great afternoon refresher after an intense yoga session. Here, they serve multiple kinds of tea from all around the world. You can choose the kind you like and have a soothing sip before going to your next activity. Additionally, the place also features a peace garden when you can stroll around in serenity.
7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try

Spa Of The Rockies In Glenwood Springs

In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, there is a great wellness retreat that’s all about health and fitness. It’s called Spa of the Rockies. The interesting name derives from the fact athletics is one of the main highlights in this area, which is a unique concept considering that spas are supposed to be relaxing sanctuaries. But this Colorado resort and spa promotes both an active lifestyle and relaxing stay in equal measure. They have tons of gyms and other specific areas where people can exercise and stay fit and healthy during their stay. For those into yoga or Pilates, the spa also holds various classes throughout the day. Of course, since they’re near some hot springs, they’ve utilized them as well. Guests can have a refreshing warm dip in their many herbal pools and hot tubs. Most of them are made up of natural minerals and warm water from the springs themselves. In fact, their main big community pool is quite warm itself and is a great space to hang out with friends when you’re all having a luxury weekend getaway in one of the best spas in Colorado. And top it all off? a beauty salon where you can look as good as you feel!

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Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville

7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try
If you’re a yogi, as many people are these days, you’ll love escaping to Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville. This exceptionally relaxing meditation retreat in Colorado is a haven for yogis in the country, mostly due to their strong dedication to the peaceful exercise. In fact, this Colorado spa resort houses Shambhava Yoga, one of the first yoga schools in the country. Here, neophytes can learn the basics of yoga and jumpstart their lifestyle to a healthier and more active one. While the very experienced yogi can go for the more advanced classes to improve their skills and achieve new and complicated poses. What’s even better is that it’s up to you how long you want to stay here. If you live close to the yoga retreat in Colorado, you can drop by any time you’re free for a class or two. But for those who live outside the state, this is a great place to spend a week, whether by yourself or with friends and get to know more about this relaxing exercise. Both options are available for any type of guest, which just goes to show how they’re dedicated to catering the specific needs of their patrons.

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The Peaks Resort And Spa in Telluride

Sometimes, the best place to just escape the hustles and bustles of city life is to go to the mountains. A hike might be a good idea, but if you prefer a more relaxing and luxurious alternative, head on over to The Peaks Resort and Spa in Telluride. This is a unique spa in of itself because it combines both modern and ancient ways of healthy relaxation and mental and physical rejuvenation. For example, a prominent feature in this meditation center in Colorado is their Roman Bath, modelled after the warm and vast structures in Ancient Rome, Here, the pool of water is just as wide and luxurious, welcoming all guests to enjoy its soothing properties. On the other hand, the more modern facilities include a beauty salon, which makes use of eco-friendly materials in making up the guests. Not only will you end up looking like a million bucks, but you also contributed to a sustainable practice that’ll safeguard the environment. For the more active visitors, there are the yoga and Pilates classes, as well as the fitness centers looking to better define their bodies. For many of the younger guests, there are the more popular features of this meditation retreat in Colorado.
7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try

Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa

The Vail Mountain Lodge and Spa are arguably the most luxurious Colorado resort spas on this list. Picture it: a beautiful lodge atop a mountain, where people come to relax, refresh, and even work out. This five-star establishment even rivals those of the ski chalets in Switzerland, particularly with their rustic decor, their outdoorsy vibe, and their dedication to giving the very best services for their guests. The rooms alone, with their soft feather-filled beds, warm fireplaces, and spacious lounge areas, are worth the trip to the mountaintop. But what will keep guests coming back for more are their quality services and first-class amenities. They include great fitness centers where they teach yoga and Pilates and gyms equipped with the finest equipment for exercising and working out in this mountain retreat. For those seeking the very best in relaxing treatments, this spa in Colorado also offers facials, private massages, hydrotherapy acupuncture, and more. You can also warm up in their steamy sauna that has just the right amount of heat and steam to keep you fresh. For many, the Vail Moun Lodge and Spa are some of the best spas in Colorado.
7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try
7 Of The Best Colorado Wellness Retreats That You Must Try
Don’t underestimate the state of Colorado. Beyond their outdoorsy nature and reputation, there are loads of wellness retreats here that are simply unbelievable! Try them out for yourself the next time you’re in the state!

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