Why You Should Visit These Top 20 Resorts In Honduras

Why You Should Visit These Top 20 Resorts In Honduras

There’s no shortage of beautiful, pristine beaches in Latin America. In fact, some might even argue that this continent is filled with some of the best shores in the world. Others even prefer the seaside lands here than in other popular vacation destinations, such as Southeast Asia or Oceania, which are also known for their beaches as well.

Why You Should Visit These Top 20 Resorts In Honduras

Nearby such majestic paradises, you’ll get to see a whole lot of five-star establishments as well. Although Honduras might not be as rich a country as its neighbours, they still bost a multitude of luxury resorts that tourists and visitors can enjoy. To give you a better perspective, here are the top 20 Honduras resorts.

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Anthony’s Key Resort

One of the best Roatan dive resorts, Anthony’s Key Resort offers an activity that only the can provide in the whole of Roatan island: interaction with dolphins. The resort allows you to train dolphins, swim and interact with them, and even feed them. But apart from this, the resort is also known for their hillside bungalows, which are not only convenient for those who’d want to spend their days diving and snorkelling but also gives a spectacular tropical view of the island.

Barefoot Cay Resort

Barefoot Cay is arguably the most luxurious of all Roatan, Honduras all-inclusive resorts. In fact, the five-star establishment has won countless awards and accolades, due to their astounding amenities, exciting activities, and of course, impeccable service.

They offer lush and elaborate two-bedroom villas or the more private yet still refined bungalows for their guests. While dive resorts are common on the island, this resort is one of the very few that offer spa services as well, upping the ante on guests’ luxury getaway experience.

Barefoot Cay Resort
Photo by barefootcay

Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort

Over at West Bay Beach, the Infinity Bay and Resort is famous for being one of the very few and often quite rare, eco-friendly Honduras resorts. No ecosystems nor creatures were harmed when the resort was constructed, and they also discourage their guests to disturb underwater habitats when they avail the resort’s marine activities such as diving and snorkelling. Yet, ‘Infinity Bay and Resort’ is also still one of the most luxurious Roatan, Honduras resorts, especially with their acclaimed spa and health club services.

Palmetto Bay Plantation

Considered as one of the “best-kept secrets in the Carribean,” the Palmetto Bay Plantation is one of the most rustic Honduras resorts. Its charm comes from their very outdoorsy and tropical vibe, especially with the wooden villas and bungalows that can be completely open so you can enjoy the sweet Carribean breeze.

The area where it’s located is also quite private, hence the “best-kept secret” accolade, which makes this particular establishment one of the best honeymoon spots in the world. If you want a peaceful stay at Roatan island, this is your resort!

Palmetto Bay Plantation
Photo by Nadine and Kurt

Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula

While most resorts in Honduras are known for their diving activities and seaside fun, the Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula has become for its painstakingly elegant ambiance. In fact, it’s become a sort of haven for business people who travel to this part of the world for work.

Luxury best describes this one-of-a-kind establishment, with well-cleaned rooms, a stunning pool area, and a number of spa services to help one feel relaxed and right at home.

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Hacienda San Lucas

Similarly to Palmetto Bay Plantation, the Hacienda San Lucas in the famous town of Copán Ruinas also relies heavily on their rustic and tropical charm. It’s almost completely secluded, nestled in a forest up in one of the most famous sites in the whole country. Here, you can spend a lazy afternoon swinging on hammocks, enjoy a stunning mountain view, and even do some yoga. You’ll be completely one with nature and yourself when you stay here.

Hotel Marina Copán

Although Copán is more known as an ancient site of the Mayan civilization, one of its most prominent Honduras resorts—hotel marina—is as modern and as contemporary as any five-star establishment out there. It has everything you’d expect a five-star luxury resort would have: a vast swimming pool, comfortably large hotel rooms, amazing spa services and amenities, and many more.

The resort has even become a great family vacation hotspot, mostly due to its a largeness and popularity. Although this isn’t like those Roatan dive resorts where you have all the privacy you want, this is still a premier resort!

Hotel Marina Copán
Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Las Cascadas Lodge

Now, if you want a truly secluded resort, your best choice would have to be the Las Cascadas Lodge in La Ceiba. You’d have to trek through forests, mountains, and more to be able to find this secretive and completely private luxury Honduras resort.

While they don’t offer the kind of watery fun that’s popular among Roatan, Honduras resorts, their own versions are comparatively much more exciting. Near the resort are waterfalls you can swim in and cliffs and rocks you can climb on. Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

The Lodge At Pico Bonito

Another secluded resort in La Ceiba is The Lodge at Pico Bonito. Although compared to Las Cascadas Lodge, however, the latter is much more private. Still, this Honduras resort offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for those who simply want to get away from the world and just have a good time.

Perhaps the best part about this resort is that a lot of their special villas and bungalows are situated on the mountain, giving you a magnificent view of the vast natural wonders of the country.

Indura Beach & Golf Resort

In Honduras’s famous Tela region, a vast and open resort, different from any other of its kind in the country, is Indura Beach & Golf Resort. As you can tell from its name, gold is very much central to this luxury establishment.

Although its seaside fun activities can often rival those from the Rotan, Honduras all-inclusive resorts, this place is really all about the golf. Its vast playing field is a paradise for fans and players of the sport, offering as much land to play than any other resort in the country.

Indura Beach & Golf Resort

Mayan Princess Beach And Dive Resort

Although all guests are welcome here, the ‘Mayan Princess Beach And Dive Resort’ is one of the best Roatan rive resorts to spend a weekend getaway with the girls. If you’re a working woman or a mom who needs a vacation and can afford to go to Honduras, this resort’s for you.

Elegant and sophisticated, this sparkling establishment is a seaside paradise of either fun and adventure or unapologetic relaxation. One of their many highlights includes a live music show, where guests are treated to authentic Honduran music.

Splash Inn Resort

Another great honeymoon destination on Roatan island is the Splash Inn Resort. With only 25 rooms, this boutique hotel is one of the most intimate Roatan, Honduras resorts to ever welcome guests.

However, intimate doesn’t necessarily mean boring as they also offer a barrage of fun activities for you to enjoy your stay more. These include glass-bottom boat tours, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, fishing, and many more. And at night, you can relax in their cool open-air terrace bar and grill and enjoy a sumptuous meal with your significant other.

Grand Roatan Caribbean Resort

The Grand Roatan Carribean Resort is arguably one of the most exclusive establishments in the country. This Roatan, Honduras all-inclusive resort only has 22 luxurious suites with enough space and a magnificent view of the sea.

It’s also one of the most romantic of its kind, particularly with their intimate activity of couple horseback riding on the beach. You can live you your fantasy honeymoon in this five-star resort, which also has an infinity pool with a cocktail bar nearby. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

Seagrape Plantation Resort

Most Roatan dive resorts boast of their exciting underwater activities and luxurious amenities. And while all these and more are also offered by the Seagrape Plantation Resort, they have one highlight that’s almost all their own: spectacular views of the ocean. Nestles on top of a hill near the sea, this peaceful resort offers some of the most magnificent views that you can only get on Roatan island. Theirs is the perfect spot to watch the sunset and, if you’re lucky, catch it rise up again in the morning.

Seagrape Plantation Resort

Pristine Bay Resort

While the Tela region has the Indura Beach & Golf Resort, Roatan island has Pristine Bay resort. This is also a unique seaside luxury establishment that’s all about gold.

Near the resort, proper is the famous “Black Pearl,” an 18-hole course that has seen many prominent players.

This vast path of manicured land is one of the perfect training grounds for champions and neophytes alike. Furthermore, This Roatan, Honduras all-inclusive resort also offers a stunning pool, exciting diving activities and many more like them.

Bananarama Dive Resort

Bananarama Dive Resort on Roatan island is all about the beauty of nature. Part of what draw people to book their stays there is its luscious gardens, complete with exotic flora from this Carribean country, and the stunningly white sandy beach nearby. Although both are almost completely opposite of each other, they’re both worth seeing and experiencing in person. Apart from this, the Honduras resort also offers the same diving activities as its neighboring establishments.

Fantasy Island Beach Resort

If you want a truly exclusive experience, head on over to Fantasy Island Beach Resort off the southern coast of Roatan. Actually, this particular five-star establishment isn’t even on the Roatan island proper, but in fact, it’s on its own private island near the famous Honduras resort town.

The resort, however, is still regarded as one of the finest Roatan, Honduras all-inclusive resorts, which surrounded by three astoundingly white sandy beaches, offers diving lessons in the nearby barrier reef, as well as glass-bottom boat rides that guests will surely never forget.

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Blue Bahia Resort

Albeit smaller than most Roatan dive resorts, the Blue Bahia Resort by the Sandy Bay is a quaint yet luxurious establishment. It’s more famous for its menu of authentic and rich Honduran dishes. In fact, many guests have booked their stays here simply due to their culinary edge. However, those same ones also attest tot he relaxing ambiance and overall peaceful atmosphere of this eco-friendly resort.

Paradise Hotels And Resorts

The name alone should already conjure up feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. Paradise Hotels and Resorts is one of the finest Roatan Honduras resorts because of their devotion to pampering their guests. Not only do they have first-class diving classes and a scenic pool area, but they’re situated near one of the whitest beaches in the whole of Honduras. These alone should convince you to book a weekend now!

Island Pearl Resort

Nicknamed the “laid-back gem,” the Island Pearl Resort is arguably one of the most relaxing Honduras resorts to ever be established. They’re all about giving their guests a good and relaxing time, offering first-class spa services, beautifully furnished villas, and fine dining via their gourmet cuisine restaurant called the “Vintage Pearl.” This is a solo traveler’s paradise!


Indulge in luxury heaven by taking a trip to Honduras and staying in one of their many five-star resorts! You’ll feel as if you’re in relaxation heaven while you’re enjoying them!

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