The United States of America may be a bustling country right now, but beyond their busy metropolises are peaceful and serene paradises. Across all fifty states are certain areas in which you can have a quiet day out away from the nosier and hectic parts of the country.

Best Leech Lake Resorts

One such that’s gaining momentum is Leech Lake in Minnesota. This vast body of water is the perfect destination for those who just want a weekend of nothing to do but relax under the sun and take in the natural wonders around them. Seeing the lake itself is already quite soothing, but even better is staying at a nearby resort and even inside a dining room with a view.

Here are some of the cheap and popular hotels in Minneapolis:

Fortunately, there’s a whole host of luxurious lodging you and your family and friends can enjoy while staying in Leech Lake. These are peaceful establishments who only accept a certain number of guests at a time, to ensure that everyone’s stay will be as relaxing as ever. If you’re planning a trip to Leech Lake, here are some of those resorts you should check out!

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Image from Trappers Landing website

Trappers Landing

People often go to places like Leech Lake because of their novel rustic ambiances and the great resort offers in the area. Staying here is a totally different experience to living in other towns and cities across the US, which is why they’ve become popular in recent years.

By Leech Lake, Trappers Landing is a great resort that’s all about the rustic and outdoor lifestyle. The wooden cabins make for great accommodations that are definitely five-star quality. You can also go for all sorts of fun watery adventures, such as swimming by the beach, snorkeling under the lake, go kayaking go canoeing or even water-skiing for a more adventurous activity.

Hiawatha Beach Resort

If you think beaches are only fun by the sea, you’re sadly mistaken. The Hiawatha Beach Resort by Leech Lake rivals any other five-star hotels along any sea-shore, with their very fine spaces of hotel room accommodation. Firstly, since lake beaches aren’t as packed as sea-side beaches, you’re more likely to find peace and quiet in this resort just like in the national park of the area.

The sand here is as lush, clean, and soft as any tropical destination, as well as the crystal-clear water. And if you want to play all the beach sports that you love, you can still do so here at Hiawatha Beach Resort. They have space volleyball, badminton, football, and other sports that you and your group would like to play.

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Image from Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce website

Leech Lake B & B

Sometimes, the best part about staying by the lake is simply the view. There’s something so serene watching the ripples and gentle waves in a peaceful body of water. For a magnificent view of Leech Lake, book a weekend at Leech Lake B&B. This quaint gives you an amazing view of the lake, as well as some fun activities like biking, hiking, and a multitude of sports.

It’s also one of the more intimate resorts by Leech Lake, offering only a handful of comfortable rooms so that everyone’s stay would be as peaceful and quiet as they want. The resort is also situated away from the other busier resorts by the lake.

Country Inn Walker

Staying by the lake doesn’t have to be as quiet it seems. There’s still loads of fun adventures one can have by Leech Lake, especially when they’re staying at the Country Inn Walker. The rustic decor alone suggests that this place slightly more exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities than other resorts in the area.

The first thing you can do in this hotel is to try their hot tub then visit the Chippewa National Wildlife Refuge, which is just next door. You get to see all sorts of unique and fascinating creatures that live both inside and by Leech Lake. The hotel itself also offers a whole host of activities ranging from fishing and kayaking to biking and golf.

Adventure North Resort

One of the best resorts by Leech Lake is undoubtedly Adventure North Resort. Here, you can get a sense of family even while lodging with other guests. This may be because the resort itself is family-owned, which adds to its homely appeal.

In fact, one of the most in-demand lodgings in this entire area is the resort’s private cottage complete with an air conditioner that cools up the entire place and luxurious bedrooms. They also have various amenities, such as the heated outdoor pool, a playground for the little ones, and boat rentals for when you want to see the lake or go fishing.

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Image from Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce website

Shores Of Leech Lake

If you want to stay somewhere that’s really close to Leech Lake, go for the Shores of Leech Lake Resort. Here, the cabins are practically floating over the lake, and you get a unique and stunning view of the vast body of water. Similarly to other resorts on this list, they also offer various activities for you and your family to have fun during your stay.

This includes a well-maintained green field that’s perfect for playing group and sports in, a playground by the lake for your kids to have some watery fun with, and some nice benches overlooking Leech Lake. The latter becomes quite the hotspot during sunrise and sunset!

Pikedale Lodge

It’s no secret that in areas such as Leech Lake, the most popular pastime is definitely fishing. And if there’s one resort that appreciates this more than any other in this place, it’s Pickedale Lodge. This resort is a rustic lodging that’s all about the outdoorsy lifestyle.

Wooden cabins, vast spaces, and a great fishing program for those who love going out to the lake. Whatever time of day it is, you can rent a boat for you and your group and sail to the vast body of water just to take in its majestic wonders. There’s really nothing quite like this resort.

Here are some of the hotels in Minneapolis that have pools and restaurant amenities:

Chase On The Lake

Arguably the most luxurious resort in this list. Chase on the Lake is known in and outside of Minnesota for being one of the most beautiful and high-quality accommodations by a lake. It offers a number of hotel-style rooms and cabins that are five-star in their comfort, style, and service.

They even offer some spa services when you want to truly feel relaxed by Lake Leech. And during the winter season, the resort becomes a chalet of sorts, offering various winter sports for their daily activities.

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Lake Leech might just be your next vacation hotspot and these amazing resorts and more will ensure that you’ll have the time fo your life here!



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