Florida State is an adventure in of itself. What with all the mixture of cultures, exciting new infrastructure, and countless natural wonders, there are so many things to do in the “Sunshine State”, especially within Florida State Parks.

Rainbow Springs State Park
Photo by ArrowheadPeople

Arguably, this is a bit ironic since Florida is mostly known for becoming a retirement center of sorts for people who’ve reached a certain age. While the tropical weather and sunny beaches are good for the aged, other places in this state are more for the young and young-at-heart.

One such place is Rainbow Springs State Park. Over 1,000 acres of excitement, fun, and adventure await those who seek a thrill of a lifetime

State parks are usually crowded with tourists and families, and while Rainbow Springs oftentimes do experience this, it’s not as bad as other places. The park is still a haven for adventure-seekers, offering a bevy of activities that’ll pump up one’s adrenaline. If you don’t know it yet, here are the things to do ar Rainbow Springs State Park.

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Polish Your Kayaking Skills

Perhaps one of the more famous activities in this park is going kayaking. There’s just a certain thrill to standing on a kayak and navigating steady but oftentimes sturdy waters while balancing yourself. It’s an art form of sorts—attempting to stand up straight as you row yourself on the river.

Since the Rainbow river here doesn’t have strong currents, it’s a great training ground for those who want to polish their skills in the activity. You never know, you might even up winning a kayaking race! This is the perfect opportunity to practice how to operate canoes and kayaks too!

Dive From A Floating Dock

Rainbow River Florida is a great place to train yourself to swim as well. If you want to work on your diving skills, the state park also has a floating dock where you can go head-first on the soothing Rainbow river. When you’re with your friends, you can even hold cannonball contests to see which one can make the most impact on the floating dock.

As long as it’s allowed, you can just about anything you want in Rainbow Springs.

Warm Up In The Springs

Rainbow Springs State Park
Photo by Darryl Kenyon

This particular state park is known for its Rainbow Springs that’s up to 73 degrees in warmth. It’s one of the best places in Florida to relax and let nature soothe and refresh you to feel as good as new. Although the park can get quite busy during the weekends, try to get away in the middle of the week to get the natural springs all to yourself. Springs in Central Florida are often the warmest, which makes Rainbow Springs a must-visit.

Snorkel And Discover Underwater Life

Another great water activity is to go snorkeling in the Rainbow River. You never know what you’ll find under such a well-visited body of water.

Some lost treasure perhaps? Someone else’s keys? And of course, there’s the beautiful underwater life that remains largely unexplored.

Grab your goggles and gear and discover what lies beyond the ramous Rainbow Springs. You can even go Rainbow river tubing so you’ll know how deep you can go while snorkeling. And the former is already a fun activity in of itself!

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Have A Picnic

Rainbow River and Rainbow Springs might be the main attractions, but Rainbow Park isn’t all that bad neither. Here, when the waters are too busy with families and tourists, you can treat yourself and your party to a nice picnic.

Rainbow Park is a beautiful patch of land, well-taken care of and maintained, which will probably be easy for you to pick a picnic spot. Spend a lazy afternoon under the sun and enjoy the Sunshine State’s fresh and clean air!

Rainbow Springs State Park
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Play Sports

Apart form picnics, Rainbow park is also a great place to play sports in. Bring a ball and play football, rugby, baseball, and other sports you can do on land. Gather up your friends and even invite other guests to the park for a nice game. Every day is a great day for good sportsmanship in Rainbow River Florida!

Float On The Rainbow River

Rainbow River Florida is a great place to relax while floating on water. If you want, you can even go fishing and try to catch as many fish, the bigger the better, as you can within the natural setting of the environment. Floating on Rainbow Springs will also be cathartic pastime to take on if you don’t want to get wet but still want to be around warm water for that signature Floridian relaxing vibe.

What’s more, knowing how to row a boat is a useful skill that you never know when you’ll need, and Rainbow River Florida can act a great training ground.

Rainbow Springs State Park
Photo by mbarrison

Hike Across The State Park

Rainbow Park actually goes beyond the scenic picnic spots and cover most of the mountainous regions in the area. When you’re feeling a bit adventurous, go on a hike across the park and see what wonders hide behind this National Treasure.

If you spot a few animals, make sure you know what to do when you’re faced with them, no matter how big or small they may be. And if you don’t want to bring a lot of stuff with you on your hike, you can simply leave them inside the Rainbow River cabins in the park.

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Go Camping

Why do you think this state park has Rainbow River cabins? So you can go tent camping! Rainbow River camping is an excellent recreational activity for you and your friends and family.

This park is vast and wide that you never know where you might end up or what creatures you might see along the way. Experience what Mother Nature has to offer and explore the entirety of Rainbow River Florida. This park might just be the place to form new memories in!

Discover The Various Ecosystems

When you go snorkeling or hiking, try to discover the various ecosystems that live within Rainbow River  Florida. This colorful Rainbow Park is more than just the cabins, boat rentals, and picnic spots that you’re treated to upon entrance.

Whether it’s in the Rainbow River or around the nature trails, there are all sorts of ecosystems that house various creatures. Some you might have never imagined seeing up close. Don’t miss the opportunity to do so!

Rainbow Springs State Park
Photo by Ellyn Ingalls

How can one place hold so many fun activities? The secret lies in visiting Rainbow Spring State Park in Florida, where you can have a good old-fashioned day of fun and adventure!

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