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Many people want to relax at a place where everything is so fine, as in fine sand, beautiful weather, and an elegant atmosphere. For sure, many will enjoy a scenic spot where the sunset is just picture perfect, and the breeze is neither too warm nor cold. In this article, the best tropical vacation spots will be at the limelight so that vacationers would have an idea where to bring families or partners to achieve their travel goals.

Corfu, Greece

Europe is one of the best hubs for culture and tradition. With its timeless history and amazing spots, this place is definitely attracting many vacationers. Europe is known not only for its jaw-dropping structures but also for its affordable and relaxing beaches. One of these fave spots visited by many is Corfu in Greece. Besides its lovely view, this place is definitely a great pick most especially for those who have a tight budget.

If you are into dining, this place is also the best choice. What’s even exciting is that it showcases vast options for pools and all-inclusive tour packages. If you are into minimizing expenses, Corfu has affordable yet luxurious hotels and exciting offers for tour activities. Another budget-friendly fact is that in Corfu, you could score for cheap direct flights as there are regional airlines that will fly tourists directly there.

Phuket, Thailand

What’s in store for tourists in an Asian country? Well, Thailand offers one of the cheapest vacations couples and families could have. For a low fee, families and couples could already experience a royal life in a while. With the gorgeous islands and the stunningly beautiful beaches, tourists will surely fall in love with this place.

Patong Beach is one of the most popular places in Phuket; another is Batok in Racha Yai. Aside from these, the place also offers exclusive rooms that are very affordable- good for large families going on a trip. When in Phuket, better enjoy the nice sunset by the shore and try their unique Thai delicacies.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

This place is definitely for white sand beach-lovers! With many all-inclusive offers, this place is perfect for couples and families who want to pamper themselves in an affordable vacation.

Jamaica has not only beautiful places but also amiable people whom you can definitely befriend while on vacation. When in this place, it is highly suggested that tourists try their cheap local beers and the tasty jerk chicken.

Denpasar, Indonesia

If your hobby is snorkeling and scuba diving, this is the best choice. Families and couples could spend a night in the cheap hotels that cost around $20 or less a night. This is already an excellent treat for vacationers! When in this place, tourists could definitely enjoy not only the cold water but also the cultural flair. If you are up for an adventure, better ready the trekking suits and explore Denpasar’s lovely wildlife and volcanoes.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Golden, fine sand and a cool breeze, these are two of the best things vacationers could experience when in Punta Cana. The pristine water will definitely give tourists a splash of memorable enjoyment. Situated just along the Caribbean Sea, this place is a hub for people in search of serenity and relaxation.

The idyllic setting, together with the food and drinks that will give the taste buds excitement, is wonderfully suitable for families that are shrugging off stress and for couples that are romanticizing over a quality time together.

Pedasi, Panama

This place is indeed luring travelers because of its relaxing coastal lines and delectable seafood prepared by the locals. Just a small town, Pedasi is ideal for families and couples searching for a spot where everyone could breathe some fresh air and enjoy crystal clear water.

Located at the southeast corner of Panama’s the Azuero Peninsula, this place is for sure a hot pick for people who would want to experience a cheap vacation with an extraordinary tropical experience.

Bay Islands, Honduras

The array of tourists along the shore is a manifestation enough to prove how lovely this place is! Sitting on the vibrant blue waters of the Caribbean, this place is suggested for families and couples in search for a place where diving could be one of the pastimes.

The place in itself is magnificently awesome because of the blue horizon, inviting to tourists who would love to calm their stressed inner selves. Also, if the family or couple is up for scuba certification, better get it here for a low fee!

Palm Cove, Queensland

Rated with a five star approval by many, this spot is making a name because of its magical place. This is an all-in place to visit. Tourists will surely love the world-class beach resorts and the nearby rainforest sitting just some distance away from the coast.

This is also the best starting point for those couples and families that wish to experience affordable day trips going to the Great Barrier Reef. Surprisingly, this place demands a low cost only; but people will surely have a wonderful stay in this place with the luscious food and cheap hotel rates.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Going to Mexico for a vacation might be more of partying. However, if you are ready for a holiday with a minimal partying, Playa del Carmen is simply perfect. This low-key and budget-friendly resort gives the best deal for an all-inclusive stay even during the peak season.

What’s fun is that this resort offers exciting day trips to famous Mexican spots like the Cozumel and the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum- all for an inexpensive cost. When in Mexico, you would definitely have to sacrifice peace; but if your family or partner is hyped for a party-vacation, try Mexico, try Playa del Carmen.


In a lifetime, you ought to experience several fun, tropical vacations, be it with your family, friends, or partner. This is the best way to strengthen relationships and make more meaningful memories. On ordinary days, home or work life seems to be plain, boring, and cold. Try heating things up with a tropical vacation!


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