Some things are simply tailor-made for travel.

These objects may seem like your ordinary, everyday items, but because of how handy they are when it comes to traveling, they’ve become trip essentials.

Such objects include a thermos, a backpack, and a special wallet. The latter, in particular, is becoming a popular gift item. Practical yet fashionable, a good travel wallet will not only help ease your trip, but it also makes for a good accessory.

travel bag

This special type of wallet has outstanding features that can make traveling all the more hassle-free and that much easier.

It’s all about finding the right one that’s fit for your style and travels. While it may seem frivolous to focus on the wallet’s aesthetics as much as its functional uses, it doesn’t hurt. Why can’t your travel gear look as good as it is useful?

If you’re finding it rather challenging to choose the best one for you, worry no more! Here are some picks for the top travel wallets to get for 2019.

Ted Baker Travel Document and Passport Holder

travel wallet


Who says a travel wallet has to be boring? Often, travel wallets are simply colored in norman dark tones and neutral hues. People think that if the accessory that holds their travel documents look plain enough, they’ll be taken more seriously as they travel through customs and immigration offices.

The most important thing is that the travel wallet you have contains all the necessary documents you need. You can still have an eye-popping design on your wallets, such as a floral print like that of Ted Barker’s Travel Document and Passport Holder.

Printed with shades of pink and ecru, the floral design adds a unique and dainty touch to what is normally a boring-looking accessory. And its shimmering bronze bow lock is icing on the cake!

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All In One Travel Wallet

Wallets are slowly becoming highly-coveted pieces in the luxury leather goods market, and travel wallets are no exception. All In One’s Travel Wallet fits this bill down to a tee.

Sleek and sophisticated, available in luscious tones such as lipstick red and midnight black, and contains all the important compartments of a nifty accessory.

The wallet also has two passport holders, so you can share this product with a friend while you travel. It also holds multiple slots and compartments for your credit cards, coins, and pens, making it as practical as it is posh.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet

Some wallets no longer like the small and sleek folding accessories people are familiar with. Now, there are those that are big enough to mistake as actual purses or clutches. Michael Kors’ Jet Set Travel Wallet is one such accessory.

Sold in both black or tan, this women’s travel wallet has become one of the hottest designer items perfect for traveling. The wallet is big enough to hold two passports, contains multiple slots for all sorts of credit cards, passes, tickets, and more, and a zipped-up feature is the perfect place to store your coins in.

Also notable is its vivid industrial zip in shining gold, as well as the label’s signature block logo on the front that jumps out against the somber-hued matte leather material

KOV Essentials Slim Wallet

travel wallet


Travelers often want just one characteristic for their travel wallets: thinness. The slimmer the accessory, the easier to pack in the bag, carry inside your pockets and open up to officials who need to look at your travel documents.

And if there’s one wallet that’ll satisfy these people’s tastes, it’s the Essentials Slim Wallet from KOV. This minimalist accessory is a chic add-on to your travel gear. Sophisticated in its simplicity, this leather travel wallet is made out genuine high-quality leather that makes up both the exterior and the lining.

Available in ocean tones of gray, blue and teal, this accessory will also stand out against your other items that are most likely darker and more neutral in color.

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NeatPack RFID Travel Wallet

travel wallet


While many prefer thin wallets, there are still some that want the thicker variety with more space to store more items.

These travel organizer wallets are most helpful for traveling parents who often carry with them their kids’ passports as well as their own.

For you nomadic mommies and daddies out there, NeatPack’s RFID Travel Wallet will work wonders for you. Made out of strong nylon, this accessory has enough space for multiple passports and travel documents, several slots for cards and passes, and a zipped-up net compartment for your change.

Although this isn’t the most visually-pleasing item in this list, its practicality is a head above many others that are.

Zoppen RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Some of the best travel wallets are one with unexpected design features. Take Zoppen’s RFID Blocking Travel Wallet for example. At first sight, it seems like your ordinary wallet with enough slots and zip-ups to hold everything in place.

But once you open it, it’s actually tri-fold accessory that can hold larger travel documents and more passports. This is the sort of nifty aspect that comes in very handy for those who travel a lot.

They can store their multiple passports, passes, tickets, and more within each and every fold and slot. Even better is that it’s also big enough to put your phone in. You also have a rainbow of colors to choose from, some of which certainly pop out!

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Herschel Supply Co Passport Holder

Despite a myriad of fashionable choices, many travelers, often men, only want a simple and basic wallet. But it has to be of high-quality and practical. For those pragmatic folks, they’ll get a kick out of Herschel Supply Co’s classic Passport Holder.

This 100% polyester-made accessory is basic yet refined. It has all the essential features of a useful travel wallet. The only exuberance you’ll find in it is its signature striped lining. This adds a bit of pizzazz to its very minimalist aesthetic.

Although it can only fit one passport at a time, its well-made sleeve. It will hold the passport in place as you travel around the world.


A world traveler deserves the very best accessories for their international trip. If you’re still deciding which one to get for yourself, look at this list to see if one piques your interest. They’ll not only help ease your travels, but these products also look incredible too!

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