Before relying on an app that could make or break your vacation in a foreign place, some of us check out the review section to ensure the quality of the site. The higher the stats for the review, the better.

The review section helps us judge the quality of service of the best hotel booking sites. Personal comments from travelers who experienced the site’s service can mend or break your decision of letting the hotel judge for you. Truly, choosing the best site can shape your hotel experience for your next journey.

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Which Hotel Booking Site to Choose?

Two of the most famous names in the market of hotel booking online are HotelsCombined and Trivago. These two promises the same sentiments towards their market audience. The promise of well-observed service, healthy-range of hotels, and a good price comparison program.

However, these two companies may have flourished opposite to each other. While one company flourishes to be the best, the other rolls downhill due to various negative experiences of customers.


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HotelsCombined is one of the most popular hotel booking sites in the market for hotel booking, may it be locally or abroad. The site promises a wide range of hotels to choose from, best price guarantee, and a well-accommodating service. Trust is put on the line when choosing the best hotel that would fit your trip, so it is understandable for this site to display their credentials as one.

  • Positive Feedback

Hotelscombined seems to be very attentive in the different feedbacks of their customers. They have a readily available customer email that can respond to any customers. They also reply to the different reviews commented by the people who installed their app and most of the reviews are positive ones. surely takes the feedbacks of their customers into great consideration as you see them freely interact with their target audience. If ever they receive a flop review, they would immediately give an assuring statement that the company will tend to its lapses.

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  • Negative Comments

An anonymous user in Google Play left a lengthy detailed complain about the bugs and the missing features in the app. Instead of ignoring the thread of the user, HotelsCombined made sure to reply to the comment and assure the client of the improvements of the app.

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  • Positive Experiences

Meanwhile, in, a review site, a user ID named Helen commended the customer-centered characteristic of HotelsCombined. She stated her great satisfaction with the site and the app. HotelsCombined showed their appreciation towards Helen’s support. They replied with a message of thanks to the user.

  • Redeeming Qualities

The efforts of HotelsCombined in taking care of their clients and amending to their clamors shows that they deserve that Trusted Service Award 2018. If they continue their march to being customer-friendly and filling their mishaps promptly, they would surely keep a spot in the top 10 hotel booking sites.

HotelsCombined is a hotel booking site that is in the business since 2005. In the present times, the company had a mobile app for all types of phone, some affiliated programs, and other offerings for the public.


Trivago with their famous tagline, “Trivago knows anything about hotels” is very famous with their commercial themes. This site, which is very famous as a mobile booking site app, generates a lot of attention from the mass with their heavy advertising schemes.

However, even when they are one of the most sought hotels booking app in App stores, Trivago is not gaining any positive popularity. Scrolling through Apple Store and Google Play, Trivago seems to be having a hard time getting a 5-star review. Most of the users have different complaints with the app.

  • Experiences with the Booking Site

The company itself rarely replies to the complaints of the people. The users are even recommending not to use Trivago as a hotel booking app in their review. And as famous as this booking app maybe, their popularity to the mass may be at the edge.

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One Google Play user shared his disappointed sentiments with how Trivago tried to amend with them. He was asserting that their family vacation was ruined due to misinformation listed in Trivago. And while the company decided to compensate the family, they had conditions that are said to be impossible to meet.

  • Negative Reviews

More heartbreaking reviews about Trivago also pops out from one review site to another. In, Mahdi of Other, Other shared her chaotic experience with the hotel management due to the inconsistency of Trivago. She had the same sentiments with the former reviewer. She stated that she lost her money along the process of trusting the hotel booking site.

It’s disheartening how Trivago is considered to be one of the top names in online hotel booking. But how they perform toward their customers is disappointing. A lot of bad reviews are given to the company’s name.

More so, these negative reviews seem to not just be about random clamors to bring the company down. Instead, they are detailed bad stories that are convincing enough to the public.

  • Can Trivago Redeem Itself?

Sadly, Trivago proves to us that even though one is a known name in the industry, it does not assure the quality that they offer as a company. These bad reviews toil down the company’s image. This would affect their sales in the long run. This would be a problem to the company if not fixed as soon as possible.

Trivago was said to have good days until it went downhill. It was because of numerous negative comments on review sites. But even if we try to track down those golden ages for the site, it wouldn’t erase the fact that such times are now slowly becoming part of untold history.


If you google hotel booking website ranking, some articles will pop with ranking both of these sites in the top 10. However, even when both are advertised and applauded in a few articles online, the gap between their performance is wide.

Trust is the lifeline of hotel booking sites. If they fail to protect this trust given to them by the customers, it would soon be end game for their business. It is not a joke when we say that hotel booking sites can mend or break ones’ planned vacation. A good service can help ensure a good vacation, while terrible service can totally ruin the whole trip.

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