Bookworms would testify that every book is a trip to another dimension. In one chapter you can be in Hogwarts or another flip of the page you could already be in New Delhi, India.


Books can literally take you in a whole variety of adventures with your imaginations.
However, books are not necessarily for entertainment use only.

If you read the right book, it can offer you more than entertainment. Well-researched novels that based chapters in facts are the best tutorial books the world can offer. Not only will you be entertained but you will also pick something up from the character’s point of view to the description of the setting.

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There are thousands of books in the market that would want you to buy their travel book. But actually only a few them are worth the glance. To help you narrow down the choices of what book fits your traveling buds, here’s a list of travel books that could help give you tips on your next journey.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Written by one of the pioneers of Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac sets the travel theme of the novel “On the Road” in a friendly tune. It is filled with a sense of adventure and care-free attitude characters.

Sal Paradise and his friend Dean Moriarty travels across the USA. Both living a pretty morally ill life with drugs and deceitful behaviors, they try to live a life of what they deemed as “freedom.” It’s probably one of the books about travel and self-discovery. It will make you reflect and dream.

If you are one of the people who sought to see the realities of the USA in another picture, this book could prepare your heart. How about retracing the travels of Sal and Dean with your own gang? Just be extra mindful of your own actions and manners and don’t copy those two.

Inferno by Dan Brown

If you are more into breath-taking and thrilling adventures, Dan Brown’s Inferno should do the trick. The adventures and the travels of the Harvard Professor Robert Langdon in the trails of Europe is an epic you can’t miss. Dan Brown used famous landscapes rediscovering and reinterpreting the histories surrounding these places.

This thrilling book is well-researched. It is hard to say if Dan Brown is still referring to fictional events or facts. He used an introduction stating how essential factors used in his book are true. It can scare you, but it can also open another point of view inside you.

Surely, it would be enough of a teaser to make you go look for the clues of inferno yourself. If you’ve been to the said places in the books, perhaps it would make you want to visit it again and see the whole venue in another picture. The other Dan Brown novels have equally interesting plots of chasing and being chased; perhaps better than Tom and Jerry.

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Paper Town by John Green

Do you love to play Little Detective without missing the fun? Are you attracted to friendzone-themed novels? Then pick up and read John Green’s Paper Town. Although the plot is best understood in a three-book series, the storyline is definitely worth it.

From how devoted Quentin is to follow the clues that Margo left behind for him to the mysteriousness that enveloped Margo herself.

The storyline is said to be addicting, and it embodies a lot of youthful traveling pictures. It teaches the value of friendship and wonders of falling in love while searching the worlds with a minivan.

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Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald

Heading to the East, this book narrates the diversified society of India. Unlike the other books mentioned in this article, this story is much more based on Macdonald’s experience in India rather than imagination.

The travels of the young journalist in the country witnessing different religion from one street to another, she describes the different traditions in the country.

If you want your eyes to be open with the plurality of this world in so many things, this book would surely help. India itself is a county of varying belief and superstition. This country is very much one of the best examples of diversity, especially in today’s time.
And of course, diversity isn’t just something that is in India.

Diversity is in everywhere. And if you plan to travel abroad, be prepared to meet this diversity. Be open to culture clashes and other similar situations that may happen while traveling.

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As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee

The story revolves around the life of a young man with not much in his hand but with a heart full of confidence to seek adventure. Laurie Lee was able to capture the pictures of Spain before the Spanish Civil War in the eyes of a young man wandering in its borders. This book is said to have best portrayed the wonders of Spanish society.

And what makes “As I walked out One Midsummer Morning” one of the best travel books of all time is that it embarks a sensation of want to the reader – a desire. A desire to go out there and explore the world beyond your box.

How the young man only has a violin, a blanket, and a phrase of Spanish with him enjoyed his exploring in Spain. And its outskirts speak volumes of a traveler’s heart. It is one of the most recommended books out there to awaken your heart’s desire of exploring defeating fear inside you.

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Books can be your ticket to another dimension. Your imagination can do the trick on an adventurous trip. But, isn’t it better to feel all those imagined things before you? Imagining the description given by these artistic authors is one thing. But feeling the experience yourself is on a different level of adventure.

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These books would not only be a trigger to the wanderlust inside you. But it would also help you reimagine the story embedded in the settings of the stories. The minor details about the venue of the story would also prepare you to the society in the locals.

Don’t be stuck in your imaginary paradise. Book that ticket. Board that plane, and start an adventure yourself. Do you have any best books about travels you want to share with us?

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