There are different kinds of traveling such as cruising, flying around the world, and a road trip.

Some travelers find cruising or flying to different countries fun and exciting while some prefer the simplicity of going for a road trip. Road trips have been around for a long time, even before airplanes and ships were invented.

road trip

When you think about it, there are actually a lot of things that you can do with traveling the old-school way, and you might prefer it over flying or cruising.

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Advantages of a Road Trip

Planning a road trip is not as hard as planning to go to a different country – it’s actually pretty simple and can be organized within a week or as short as two days. Here are the reasons why a road trip is the best travel adventure:

  • Can be easily planned with your friends and family.
  • Your travel dates are flexible. You are basically in control of the schedule from the departure time to when you will go home.
  • You are safe from worrying about the late boarding time and rushing to buy cheaper ticket deals.
  • You don’t have a specific destination. You can decide to go from this place and the next thing you know you are driving to the opposite road because you simply changed your mind.
fun trip

On a road trip, you can pack anything you want as long as it fits in your trunk. There are no baggage limits and no extra fees to pay if you exceed your baggage allowance.
Of course, there are a lot more savings in this kind of travel.

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This is much cheaper than buying a round trip airline ticket. It is also not necessary to book for accommodations since you can sleep inside the car in any free parking space at night.

But for your own safety, you can sleep in any hostel you find along the way.
And lastly, you can choose what food to bring during the trip. The sky is the limit!

Snacks for Your Road Trip

Choosing snacks for your adventure on the road is an adventure itself. Of course, everyone has their favorite road trip snacks, and some of those include:

  • Gummy Candy Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Gummy Candy ($4 per pack)
  • Buggles Original ($2 per pack)
  • Twizzlers ($12 per 12 packs)
  • Granola Bars ($15 per 12 boxes)
  • Trail Mix ($12 per pack)
  • Pringles ($3 per bottle)
  • Beef Jerky ($5 per pack)
snacks on the road

What you must make sure to have when planning for a road trip is enough food supplies in your car. So, you have to make sure to buy foods that would last the entire trip. Because if you run out of supplies in the middle of the trip, it could take you longer to reach your travel destination. Making a lot of stops is too much of a hassle especially to the person who is driving.

A road trip is very special when you are with your loved ones – making precious memories together is something that you cannot trade for anything else. If you are planning for a road trip that would take at least 3000 miles, you should consider carefully the things you have to pack aside from the clothes and other gears you need along the way, and those are your snacks.

Sure, you can make a stop and dine in the restaurants you will see on the way. However, it could be time constraining and not to mention, expensive.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Snacks

When buying, you need to check important details such as its expiration date and nutritional facts. Your snacks should be easy or ready to eat foods. You ought to buy them in bulk as well.

For regular road trip travelers, here is the list of road trip snacks that you should bring on the road:

  • Chips (buy in a personal-sized bag)
  • Crackers and any kind of nuts
  • Beef jerky
  • Popcorn
  • Cheese sticks
  • Candy bars, gummy bears, Twizzlers, and chocolate bars
  • Hard-boiled eggs are also the best travel snack and will surely fill you up (and healthy)
  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Chips with salsa
  • For drinks, you need to buy Gatorade, water bottles, energy drinks, fruit juices (in boxes), coffee in can, soda, and booze
healthy traveler

For health enthusiast road trip travelers, these might be the right snacks for you:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Nuts and sunflower seeds
  • Granola bars
  • Hummus (best to get single-serving cups) with pretzels
  • Cottage cheese or string cheese
  • Fruits that do not easily get rotten like apples, oranges, grapes, and banana
  • Carrot sticks
  • Whole-wheat crackers and protein bars
  • Water bottles and Gatorade

You have a long trip ahead of you. So, visit your nearest Walmart or grocery store to buy the foods that you will be bringing on your trip. It is also important that you keep your beverages at a cold temperature because the secret to satisfying your thirst is sipping a cold drink.

Other Things to Remember

Bring along a cooler and put all your drinks inside. You have all those foods to eat and to properly dispose of them while you’re still on the road is through garbage bags. Do not throw your trash just anywhere and be a responsible citizen.

For a long trip, you also need to equip yourself with these necessary gears to ensure your comfort and safety:

  • Always bring a first aid kit and place it to where you can easily see it. Life on the road is unpredictable. Having a first aid kit on the road will be your best countermeasure.
  • Sitting in the car for a long time is tiresome and your body, especially the neck, could feel a bit of discomfort. To stay comfortable, get you and your loved ones a travel pillow as well as a travel blanket.
  • Nature calls are also unpredictable so make sure you bring enough toilet rolls.
  • Map, just in case your phone loses an internet signal.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Camera
snowy drive

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The most important thing you have to remember is keeping the car in good condition and preparing for a roadside emergency kit which includes a spare tire, a flashlight with extra batteries, a whistle, a tire pressure gauge, battery booster cables and other things you deem useful.


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