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If you like to travel but can’t, read stories about the adventures of different individuals. It is like giving hope to those who do not have the chance to do it at the moment. Out of all the stories ever written, short stories are the ones most people love to read. Although a short story is composed of only around 500 words or less, its content is what truly counts.

An exciting beach escapade with a loved one, life and death mountain adventure, or an enticing experience in a luxurious restaurant in Paris. These are some of the story examples that any person could read. These stories will take a person to many places and experience a whole new feeling of excitement. Your imagination can do wonders!

Here are some of the collected stories that would leave you astounded. They are stories where writers describe their unrivalled journeys in amazing ways. Some happened in real life, and others were written from one’s wildest imagination. So, who doesn’t love to read a  story?

“We met at a hostel in Bruges, 10 years later we are still married.”

The title itself will truly capture a reader’s interest into wanting to know more of the story. Who would have thought that two people from opposite ends of the world would meet in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and fall in love? Finding your true love thousand miles away from home is an extraordinary experience that will be adored by many.

“Finding Narnia in Czech Bohemia”

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the all-time best fantasy movies produced in the early 2000’s. It is amusing to read the journey of Tim Leffel to the beautiful land where most of the Narnia movie was filmed. Every child’s dream was to go where Aslan and the kings and queens of old lived. Leffel has truly relived the adventures of the four young Pevensie siblings based on the photos he posted during his travels in Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

“A Journey to Rival the Odyssey”

This is a short story about the journey of Karl Bushby whose mission is to become the first individual who can walk around the world with an unbroken path. He named his mission as the Goliath Expedition. Reading the story will awaken the adventurer in you and take you away from that comfy couch.

“The Furnished Room”

A story written by O. Henry is about a man searching for a woman who had captivated his heart. For months, he had been looking for her from lodging houses where most theatre actresses were staying. To his dismay, the woman was nowhere to be found until he entered a room he paid for filled with a sweet, flowery woman’s scent.

“The Ultimate Safari”

A classic story of Nadine Gordimer is about a young girl’s journey to search for her parents who, apparently, went out and never came home. Their family lived in a town where most armed rebels were lurking around. In order to save the rest of their family, they had set out a dangerous escape route in South Africa.

“Tears of Autumn”

Written by Yoshiko Uchida, this tells the story of a Japanese woman about to wed a man that she had never met in person. She traveled from Japan to the United States in order to get married to a complete stranger that her uncle has arranged.

While you are at it, you might also find an interest to read some essays about the travels of a man named Hank Leukart. This wanderlust has the best travel essays to share.

“Ditch the Guide”(2012)

Leukart, along with his mother and brother, traveled to Jerusalem, Israel. Unlike other tourists, they preferred to tour on their own without any help from a tourist guide. At first, they hired a guide but decided to go on their own as the one they had was what they called a “minimum definition of a tour guide.”

“A great tour guide isn’t a guidebook. A great tour guide is a master storyteller,” quoted by Leukart. It is indeed! If you travel to a foreign country, most tourists would be in need of a guide. However, if that guide would limit the fun and excitement of your tour, then it would be better to be on your own. Explore the magnificent and historical city of Israel by reading Hank Leukart’s essay and learn from it.

“How to win your ex-girlfriend back (in Honduras)” (2008)

Another well-written essay by Leukart about second chances in love. Leukart and his ex-girlfriend had broken up on 2003 for a variety of reasons which they thought was good at that time. Realizing that the break up was a mistake, a year later, Leukart manned-up and traveled to Honduras where she was working.

To start his win-her-back mission, they had explored the ancient Mayan City of Copan and ate a luscious Honduran meal with a glass of wine under a candlelit dinner. Just like any other first dates, the spark was still there which made the flirting smooth and easy. Reading his love story essay will make a reader believe that love is, indeed, “sweeter the second time around.”

“No, seriously, there’s something magical about Disneyland.” (2008)

Every child wishes to enter the magical land of Disney. From the classic fairytale stories, Mickey Mouse and friends, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh and many more, who wouldn’t love Disney World? On Leukart’s essay, he discussed that Disney World is not just for kids alone but also for adults. In here, he shared some ways to enjoy the place even if you are in your mid 20’s to late 30’s, especially during a date. Ditch the old-school fine dining or movie dates. Take your girl to the world’s magical place for a change.

Ride the “Peter Pan’s Flight” and enjoy sailing in the sky at night over London. Get the chance to have some extra cuddling moment with your girlfriend without anyone noticing while riding the “ghost-filled Doom Buggy” in the Haunted Mansion. And the most anticipated show in which you can truly feel the magic is during the fireworks display from the Main Street in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Enjoy a cup of tea on your patio and start reading all the famous short stories about travel from the ones on the list. Be inspired and travel the world when you still can but don’t forget to share your story. They say the best way to describe a person’s life events is to make a story out of it. A person will never know how powerful words could be until he writes it down on a journal or even on a piece of paper.


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