best tropical vacation spots

You might probably be dreaming for those best tropical vacation spots that will surely blow your mind. How about a trip to a beach in hot weather? Or getting that wonderful tan in a place that’s sunny and the breeze is cool? How about indulging yourself in a platter of luscious seafood?

Many of us definitely dream for this one in a lifetime experience where we could just stop and unwind. In this article, you will be drawn closer to places you’ve never imagined to be so ideal for that perfect and unique tropical vacation. Let’s begin!

Kamale Cay, The Bahamas

Surrounded with the lush greens of palms and pristine body of water, this private island is a paradise! This place highlights staffs that are very accommodating and an experience worth reminiscing. If you love strolling, you could do it here with a cocktail on your hand and a stunning sunset.

Your mornings in this place will be exciting with the cool breeze, local fruits, and Bahamian bread! Gourmet cuisine is also something that this abode takes pride of. If you want more adventure, better try their scuba expedition and be mesmerized by the underwater life.

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

What’s unique about this spot is that it features five secluded beaches in one large private island. Want some relaxation? You should pamper yourself in their spa surrounded by lush gardens. You might also want to try their villas and suites that will surely give you a royal stay.

This place also offers the best selection of food for your hungry stomach. Check out Tradewind’s delectable dessert and mouth watering authentic Caribbean cuisine. After this dining experience, try their wine room which offers almost 300 selections of wine. A heaven for wine lovers, indeed!

Cuaraçao, The Caribbean

Off the Venezuelan coast, this place is simply enticing! When in this place, better experience life in their Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa & Casino which features 80 cozy rooms. The Old Market in this place highlights an outdoor dining experience where you could try their locally made grilled chicken, fish, or goat for lunch.

Seating is communal, so when here, experience talking with the locals while enjoying a luscious meal. If you’re not really into splashing waters and fine sand, you could head downtown and try their historic places where aside from the antiques, diamond, designer clothes, and Dutch goods are also sold.

West Snake Caye, Port of Honduras

What is lovelier than a place full of mangrove and wildlife? You can find it here in West Snake Caye, a paradise miles away from the Punta Gorda. For scenic views, better stay in The Wyvern Hotel where you could witness the picture-perfect views of Charlotte Harbor.

To fill your tummies, why don’t you try their local cuisine served at the Emery’s. Delectable meals are served here, but you should not miss their stew chicken and whole fried snapper. For more adventure, get out of your comfort zone and explore the lagoon found at the center of the island.

Gold Coast, Barbados

Nothing can come close to the beauty of Gold Coast in Barbados. This is, for sure, one of the travel spots you would fall in love with. The Sandy Lane resort will be the perfect refuge for those who seek peace and relaxation. With the resort’s spacious villas and penthouses, you could spend quality time here with your partner or family.

With a beachside atmosphere, you could also enjoy authentic European and Caribbean cuisines at the Bajan Blue, a restaurant famous for its luscious food. If you wish to have an extra activity, sweat a bit while playing golf in their ever famous Green Monkey Golf Course which was crafted from an old limestone quarry. The stunning view is undeniably amazing.

Dolphin Island, Fiji

Empty beaches and a romantic ambiance, what are you still looking for in a tropical vacation spot? This place is the apple of the eye of most honeymooners as they could enjoy the serenity of the place. You could explore the incredible marine life and witness the grandeur of the coral reef and Fijian fish.

If you wish to breathe some fresh air and enjoy your solitude, better take a walk on their famous trail going other parts of Fiji’s Dolphin Island. You could also enjoy their snorkeling and other water activities. If you want to give a surprise to someone special, this place is also ideal for romantic dates and picnics on the sand.

Sal Salis in Ningaloo Reef, Australia

This is the place that nature-lovers could fancy about. This place is where you could quickly get in touch with nature. Try waking up the birds’ songs or just enjoy the ocean view. You could also observe how the kangaroos graze in the dunes.

Relax under the shades of the tents prepared for tourists or vacationers who wish to spoil themselves with the beauty of the horizon. If you want to spice up your vacation, it is suggested that you try the Whale Shark package of the resorts or perhaps, try snorkeling and diving.

Anyway, after these exhausting water activities, a gourmet buffet lunch will be served for your satisfaction. This hub is also attracting the attention of vacationers who wish to enjoy their evenings by the beach. Here, you could enjoy the night by lying down on the sand and do the stargazing. The spectacular evening view is breathtaking.

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

This paradise offers secluded beaches, gourmet gardens, and spectacular views. If you would like to spend some time here, this beauty is located at Kunfunadhoo in Baa Atoll, a beautiful island in the Maldives.

When here, stay in their elegant yet affordable guest villas. If you wish to enjoy the cold water, have your private pool reserved for you only. Pamper yourself also in their Balinese massage. The place also offers other massage services. So, if you would like to have that overall relaxation, a combination of a tranquil location and a soothing massage will definitely be the best.


If you wish to enjoy a beautiful tropical vacation, visit these best tropical vacation spots! These places are highly recommended not only by tourists or vacationers but also by travel agencies and magazines. What are you waiting for? Book that trip now and savor life in these vacation spots.


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