best travel destinations for singles

Anyone who goes out on an adventure is also hoping to finally find their true love. Some people are lucky; some may not be. Nevertheless, going to the best travel destinations for singles is still exciting. If you don’t meet anyone special there, well, you’ll always have your awesome memories of the place, the delicious cuisine, and the warm-welcoming locals.

Enjoy your single-hood and have fun with the freedom that you have at the moment, especially if you are at your mid to late 20’s. Being single takes you to many places wherein you will have the chance to get to know yourself deeper. If you feel like wanting to break free from that I-don’t-belong-here kind of feeling, then perhaps it’s time to take some me-time.

Planning a solo travel would be a great idea. Traveling on your own can be scary, especially if you are going to a different country. On the brighter side, traveling abroad all alone will let you experience standing on your own feet which gives you a sense of independence. It also unlocks opportunities that you never knew existed. But before you pack your bags, here are some solo travel ideas that you might want to check out.

Best Places to Solo Travel

There are tons of choices when it comes to best travel destinations for singles such as those in Asia. You can visit Korea, Japan, Hong Kong or Indonesia. However, you may have some challenges when it comes to the language barrier. Do prepare and familiarize yourself with the language. Learn common phrases. You’ll love how the locals will react when you speak the local tongue.

Now, you are left with the question as to “where are the best places to travel alone in your 20’s?” There are many choices to think of. If you want don’t have much time to learn a new language, you can simply go to ones where you can easily communicate with people. Here, the best option would be in Europe.

Europe has tons of places you can go to as it has 51 countries in total. Going to Europe is pretty expensive though. But you can dodge high expenses by avoiding the hot tourist destinations such as London and Paris.

You can explore as many places as you can but remember that you are traveling on a budget. You don’t want your pocket to be empty in the middle of the fun, do you? Here is the list of the best places to travel alone in Europe so that you can decide where you want to begin your journey:

Barcelona, Spain

If you have a passion for historical structures or if you are a food enthusiast, then Barcelona could be your haven. You can visit the most popular unfinished construction, Sagrada Familia. The building, despite being over 100 years old, is still under construction.

Its unique structural design is what captivates millions of tourist to visit. While you are there, check out the La Rambla which is one of Barcelona’s most famous streets. This place is surrounded by stores filled with mouth-watering goodies and cafes. It is also the place where you can find the Mercado De La Boqueria which offers seafood at the lowest price. Get to know more about the famous painter, Picasso, by visiting the Picasso Museum.

Budapest, Hungary

This destination is one of Europe’s pride. Aside from having a cheap deal for traditional Hungarian restaurants to dine in, you will have the chance to take a glimpse of the architectural structures from the old age. If you are into design and architecture, you’ll definitely enjoy visiting Budapest.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its excellent art heritage and one of the places in Europe where people can stay on their budgets while taking advantage of the richness of its attractions. Walk around the beautiful Canal Ring during sunrise or even when the sun sets. It gives you a soothing natural ambiance at no extra cost.

Enjoy the free concerts every Wednesday at the Concertgebouw and in Muziektheater every Tuesday. Lastly, treat yourself to some flavorful, affordable food from all over the world, including many food bars for Turkish and Indonesian cuisine.


Have you ever imagined yourself being in a paradise surrounded by the relaxing sound of waves? Feeling the white sand from the palm of your hands and enjoying the scenery of the ocean which mirrors the blue sky is something that you don’t want to miss out during your vacation. It’s very dreamy.

When you go to Greece, make sure to visit places like Santorini, Athens, and other islands. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be to visit those places. You may spend a week-long vacation there without a cry-out from your bank savings.


Rome is undeniably one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Significant historical events happened on this captivating land. There are some ways to save money when traveling in Rome such as setting your travel sometime within October to April because the hotel or lodging rates are less expensive. Another one is having a Roma Pass where you can have have unlimited public transportation for three days as well as free or discounted rates for museum admissions.

When to Travel Solo

Once you are done choosing your destination, your next step would be to plan out when is the best time to go. It would be smart to go to Europe during low peak season to avoid the crowd of tourists. It can be pretty exhausting to find your way in a sea of people when traveling alone. Traveling during low peak season could also mean cheaper flights and hotel bookings for you.

What to Bring for Solo Trips

We are now on the last step of planning your upcoming getaway. This is an essential step to ensure that everything will go smoothly so that you trip will not be compromised in any way.

  1. Pack lightly and don’t carry a big suitcase (you don’t need it). Only bring light clothes that you can move easily wherever you go.
  2. A camera to capture the details of your solo journey. Don’t bring other gadgets like a laptop since you are not traveling for work.
  3. Withdraw some cash enough to last during your travel abroad. Make sure that you don’t put all of your money in one place just in case you encounter some mishaps. It is better to plan a countermeasure ahead. And of course, a credit/debit card for emergency purposes.


When everything is already planned out, all you need to do is grab your phone and let everyone know that you are about to set for a self-discovery journey. The result of this journey may end up finding the inner you as you will understand what you want to do with your life. Or, you may stumble on someone who might sweep you off your feet.


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