Florida is such a beloved state for a myriad of reasons.

There’s their famous sunny weather, making it a perfect vacation destination during summer, at times, even winter as well. There’s also the mix of various cultures, as the state is a hotbed of immigrants coming from all over the world.


Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe this sunny state, and it’s no surprise that many folks see it as the perfect place to retire to. It’s also home to a lot of famous tourist spots, such as the vibrant city of Miami and the iconic and classic amusement park, Disneyland!

Beyond all these, however, Florida also boasts some of the best spring in the US, maybe even the world. They attract countless tourists, both from other states and the rest of the world, to have some peace and relaxation in their one-of-a-kind nature parks.

If you’re about to take a trip to Florida yourself, visit these best springs for an unforgettable experience!

Silver Springs State Park

Arguably the most famous spring in Florida is the Silver Springs State Park at Ocala, which has been a relaxation haven for many tourists since the late 1870s. From then until now, people ride glass-bottom boats to see the underwater wonders of the area as well as simply relaxing while floating on the peaceful body of water, both of which you can still do today.

In fact, the spring was so famous even back then that it movies such as “Creature From The Black Lagoon” and the original live-action film of “Tarzan” were filmed in this very area.

Three Sisters Springs

When you go to the Three Sisters Springs park by Crystal River, you’ll get to meet friendly creatures that you might not get to see up close, the manatees. These adorable mammals are taken care of and protected by the people who run this state park, and you yourself get to watch or swim with them.

Just make sure that you don’t scare them or do anything else that might harm them and their home. And if you don’t a tour, you can also go on other fun water-centric adventures such as kayaking and snorkeling.

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three sisters springs

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

If there are one park little ones will be mystified to visit, it’ll definitely be Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. this private-owned springs park is home to a famous mermaid show, where performers donning mermaid tails splash around and present life under the sea.

Their graceful moves and stunning beauty have enchanted audiences since the late 1950s, and to this day, their shows are still the talk of the town. Apart from these mythical creatures, adorable sea animals also have their own shows as well, presenting tricks that will have you roaring with laughter and applause!

Rainbow Springs State Park

Possibly the most adventure-filled park in this list is also the oldest. The Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon is said to have been a swimming area for the first humans who walked the earth.

Even until now, people still get to experience all sorts of watery adventures here. The park is home to a series of waterfalls and hot springs that are perfect for a day out in the sun. And if you don’t want to swim just yet, you can also go on their nature trail for a bit of hiking.

florida spring

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

If you want to go to the depths of such bodies of water, visit Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. Here, they have springs that are up to 180-feet deep, and you can travel as far down as you want to with the help of their state-of-the-art diving gear.

You might see various creatures you’ve never seen before, explore underwater caves, and go to where no other humans have ever gone before. But if you’re not a diver you can still have fun in this park via their classic glass-bottom boats, which make for a great afternoon activity during a quiet summer day.

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Ichetucknee Springs State Park

For White’s Ichetucknee Springs State Park is one of the very places in the state, and possibly in the country, that’s all about giving people a relaxing and fun tubing experience. You do have to get there super early though, as the park can only hold up to a maximum of fewer than 2,500 people per day.

But when you do, you’ll see that it’s a peaceful yet exciting experience to tube down such a beautiful spring park. For a bit of a thrill, you can also go underwater cave diving in the area!

palms spring

Manatee Springs State Park

Another manatee-centric park in this Florida is the Manatee Springs Park by Chiefland. Here, you can also spend time swimming around and having fun with the adorable native mammals, as long as you’re gentle towards them and you’re not harming them and their homes within the park.

Yet, aside from such main attractions, the park is also well-known as one of the best barbecue and picnic areas in the state. Countless families have spent many afternoons and holidays simply hanging out and eating the days away.

Peacock Springs

Don’t be fooled by its name, as Live Oak’s Peacock Springs park doesn’t necessarily have a lot of the magnificently-feathered creature. If you’re lucky you might spot one while you’re there. What it has, however, is tons of hot springs and sinkholes just waiting to be explored.

This particular tourist destination has garnered a reputation for being an adventurer’s paradise. Most of the bodies of water and lands here are rife with all sorts of unexplored territories just waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, it also boasts the longest underwater caves in the US. Diving into these will be quite an experience you’re bound to never forget!


These springs prove that Florida is way more than just Disney land and a retirement center for the aged. It’s actually full of fun and adventure, and if you’re a fan of both, you should check out these parks and many more like them in the “Sunshine State.”

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