Melodious violin music, a glass of red wine, and a romantic conversation under the bright moonlight- these are just some of the things that you probably want in your date with the love of your life.

Besides having a tasty dinner over relaxing music, you and your partner could still try other things to enliven your date or vacation. Pack your things and visit these spots now!

The Maldives

couple in maldives

The Maldives is one of places on earth that is most romantic. You could feel the love in the air when in this place. There are overwater bungalows that are perfects for your romantic dates. Watch the beautiful sunset together with your partner while drinking a glass of red wine.

Enjoy an Eastern-inspired meal with candlelight by the shore. Add more romance by swinging on a wraparound hammock with your partner while you enjoy the cool breeze during nighttime.

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Florence, Italy

couple in Italy

Who says that Italy is all about frescoes and art museums? Florence in Italy is also a perfect spot for lovebirds. You and your partner will surely enjoy the sunset view while at the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Hold your partner’s hands while strolling around Florence’s big and amazing museums. Be amorous with your partner while you take a sip of Chianti and feast over sweet treats served in the outdoor coffee shops of the city.

Kauai, Hawaii

couple in Hawaii

In this place, you could tell your partner “Aloha, my love!” This is Hawaii’s first developed island which features amazing waterfalls with pristine water. Escape the city ambiance and be secluded in this place where everything seems to be so peaceful.

The gushing water from the waterfalls will give you and your partner a relaxing moment together. If you are more on adventures, why not take a hike in the lush mountains? This will be a great thing for lovers who definitely enjoy adventures.

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couple in Rome

Besides its interesting history, Rome will surely give yourself and your partner an intellectually stimulating tour in the city. You will love this place even more if you are into history, culture, and humanities.

The ruins will give you a cinematic backdrop should you wish to take pictures with your partner. Have that romantic tour around the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, or the Trevi Fountain. When in this place, feel the bliss when trying their authentically made Roman delicacies that are mouthwatering. Obviously, there is romance in Rome.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

couple in Switzerland

Do you love alpine adventures? This is the ideal place for you. This place offers great stuff for you and your partner. With its “champagne climate,” this location is perfect for cosmopolitan lovers seeking a cold place to share with each other.

What’s more special being in this paradise is that you could actually have that romantic ride on a horse-drawn carriage while you tour around the snow-covered place.

The Berkshires

Berkshires canal

If you and your partner find peace in writing, this is the perfect hub for you! This place features a haven ideal for culture as well as nature lovers. For sure, you will have a memorable date if you bring your partner here.

You may enjoy classical music that you can listen to at Tanglewood, feel that summer feeling while listening to Boston Symphony Orchestra, and tour at Edith Wharton’s Gilded Age Mansion. This New England getaway is perfect for you lovers who are into a rainforest date.

Kyoto, Japan

couple in Japan

What’s even sweeter than a walk at a park with many cherry blossoms? In Japan, cherry blossoms are indeed symbolic. For Japanese, cherry blossoms symbolize the short cycle of life, emphasizing that such time is very precious.

When in Kyoto, enjoy every second with your lover while strolling around under the amazing cherry blossom trees. Take a hop on a ride while you traverse the cherry blossom-lined Okazaki Canal and hold the hand of your partner.

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Nicaragua sceneries

This is one of the most buzzed-about places right now. In Nicaragua, you will definitely have a fun-filled vacation with your partner. When in this place, make it a point to try activities that will surely improve your relationship and communication with your partner. Why not try surfing? Or hiking? Or to have relaxation, doing yoga?

The alfresco meals are also the best for your hungry appetite after an exhausting day. Spring for a nice and cozy villa and try other sports such as paddleboarding or snorkeling. It has been proven already that this place will surely be one of any couple’s fave spots.

Napa Valley, California

couple in napa valley

Who would want to have a countryside date and romance with your partner? You better visit Napa Valley in California. This place will get you drunk as this most of the lands here are a grape vineyard. Have that grape escape with your partner and enjoy great choices of wine in the place.

There are also top-tier hotels and A-class restaurants in the place. Crank up that romance factor at Auberge du Soleil which offers wood-burning fireplaces. This is to heat you and your partner up from the cold weather of the place.

If you want your vacation to be unique, why not try the place’s couples’ retreat package like the Fireside Lovers Retreat which will absolutely create a fire in your romantic vacation. After a tedious stroll, you could achieve that relaxing massage. This place is very ideal for partners who wish to achieve that simple yet romantic vacation.


Tour around the world to achieve that romantic trip with your partner. You could have that once in a lifetime experience with your loved ones by visiting these spots which will surely create a fire between you and your partner- heating up that relationship to create more spark and love.

These are just some of the many places you could try, but what matters most is the experience you make with your loved one and the memories that you create together. Travels are just one good way to sustain that passion in you and that blazing love for each other. Hence, travel more!


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