Hawaii is a mysterious place. It’s nothing like any other states in the United States of America, as its culture is far from the heavily Westernized ideals fo the mainland.

Here, things are a bit more exotic, natural, and arguably more peaceful. But that’s not to say that you wouldn’t have your fair share of adventures here. At each corner of Hawaii await various experiences that you will probably never find anywhere else.

They vary from discovering natural secrets of the islands to immersing yourself with the state’s own vibrant and unique culture. One such corner is Molokai.

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Little by little, Molokai is gaining popularity among many tourists. There’s so much to see, hear, and experience in this area of Hawaii that you wouldn’t know where to start. Or even which ones to do while on your trip. To help you out here is a carefully devised bucket list of things to do in Molokai.

Ride Mules To Kalaupapa

Molokai mule

Kalaupapa is a historic site in Molokai/ This used to be a settlement of banished lepers, many of which suffered and died in the exact area. The stories are both nerve-wracking and heart-wrenching and are great to share to other people back home.

Taking a tour here is one of the best things to do in Molokai, where the guide will accurately explain all of what had happened during that time. And probably the most enjoyable part is getting to ride a mule going up the mountainous part of the peninsula.

Hike Through Halawa Valley

Molokai valley

Halawa valley is at the eastern end of Molokai island. This is one of the most well-known Molokai points of interest because it’s believed to have housed the oldest tribes of Hawaii, many of which are supposedly still settled in the area.

You and your travel buddies can hike this exciting region and learn how the earliest people in these islands survived. It’s also material valley, untouched by man, that shows the very best of Mother Nature. And when you get too hot on your hike, you can cool off at Mo’oula Falls that’s just nearby.

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Visit The Molokai Forest Reserve

Molakai reserve

If you’re unsure on what to do in Molokai, know that it’s full of nature trails and bodies of water. One such is the Molokai Forest Reserve, a patch of untouched land that’s extremely pristine and beautiful.

Although it’s been explored multiple times, this site remains completely clean and intact. Get lost in the multitude of trees that hide some of the most exotic fauna and the most interesting fauna in the Hawaiian islands. You can also see the famous bog of the reserve after an hour or so of hiking.

Discover the North Shore Sea Cliff

North Shore Sea Cliff

Flying in a plane is most probably how to get to Molokai the easiest, and whilst on your flight, you might get to see the island’s stunning sea cliffs. However, nothing beats seeing them up close via boat-ride.

In person, without any plane window blocking your site, cliffs are just as majestic and wonderful like you’ve never seen before. Actually traveling there is one of the best Molokai things to do in your bucket list, so don’t forget to take note of it.

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Try the “Coffees of Hawaii”

Coffees of Hawaii

When you want to perk yourself up for a full day of adventures, one of the best things to do in Molokai is to try the “Coffees of Hawaii.”

This establishment is a famous grand cafe on the island where you can taste all the different kinds of coffee that grow in Hawaii and you get to tour a real coffee plantation. And if your cup of joe isn’t enough, you can take some home with you through their gift shop.

Eat At “Half Bread Lane”

Half Bread Lane

In the evenings, if you still want a little something sweet, go to what’s known locally as “Half Bread Lane.” It’s one of those underground Molokai points of interest that sells sweet bread with all sorts of delicious filling.

Situated in a dimly-lit alley, it’s not even an establishment itself, but rather just a take-out window where you order, pay, and get your pastries. And while this seems sketchy, taking a bit out of these sweet treats is certainly one of the most memorable things to do in Molokai.

Listen To Music At Hale Kealoha

It may come to a point during your trip where you don’t know what to do in Molokai. You’ve done all the adventuring you can do and you just want to relax without getting bored. Well,  one of the most peaceful yet interesting things to do in Molokai is to listen to live music at Hale Kealoha.

This waterfront restaurant in the Hotel Molokai gives you a show as well as a scrumptious meal. Hoola dancing, live bands, and peaceful ukelele sessions are just some that can make your evening all the more perfect.

Relax in Papohaku Beach

Papohaku Beach

Many people visit Molokai simply to relax by the seaside. This island boasts some of the most peaceful beaches in the world, one of which is Papohaku beach. Here, the waters are clear and sparkling, the sand is as white as can be, and there’s little to no noise to spoilt the mood.

Aside from swimming and sun-bathing, you can even go on a kayak ride or paddle to the sunset. There’s simply nothing quite like a nice afternoon in this beautiful seaside area. It’s a must for anyone traveling to the island.

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Send a Coconut

Hawaii is famous for their coconuts and one of the quirkiest and most fun things to do in Molokai is to send someone a coconut. You can find various street and market vendors selling the freshest and sweetest coconuts on the island.

If you have some extra that you didn’t drink out of or ate, you can send it back home to a friend and loved one. The island’s post office actually allows you to send these big fruits back to wherever you came from. You can even decorate it any way you want to make it a more personal package as well.


Visit Molokai now and experience one of the most unique islands in the world. You might think it’s just another tropical island with all the usual bells and whistles, but in fact, there are many interesting and special things to do in Molokai.


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