There’s nothing quite like falling out of the sky, an excellent extreme sports. The rush as you plummet down to the earth, your adrenaline pumping overtime as you see the amazing wonders from a bird’s eye view. No wonder that sky-diving is on many people’s bucket lists.

The thrill of flying, falling, and then safely floating down to the ground is like no other. Make sure to hire expert skydiving instructors if it is your first time to do so!

And in certain places, the experience is a whole better! In the United States of America alone, there are various destinations you can go to if you want to skydive. They vary from the safety precautions and expertise of the instructors and guides to the amazing views you get to see as you dive.


So where exactly are the best places to go skydiving in the United States? In different states, From Utah to Florida, from California to Alaska, each of these magnificent skydiving destinations offers the best, safest, and most unforgettable experiences. If you’re planning to fly this weekend, here are the places you should go to!

Anchorage, Alaska

You’d think that Alaska shouldn’t be on this list as it’s one of the colder states in the country. Why would you go to an area where it’s snowing almost 24/7 and fly up to 10,000 feet where it’s bound to be colder than on land?

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Weather and climate temperature aside, Anchorage in Alaska offers a stunning landscape of snow-capped mountains, vast terrains, serene sceneries. Once you dive and fly off to the clouds, you’ll better appreciate what this beautiful state has—a treasure trove of vastly untouched natural wonders. And the best way to see them is when you’re floating off to the ground.


Kalispell, Montana

If you’re a first-time diver, you should start in Kalispell, Montana. This skydiving hub here is for the neophytes of the parachuting pastime, offering lessons, how-to videos, and training before going up into the clouds.

An array of programs and training companies teach the very basics of sky-diving to first-timers so that you can avoid accidents and you’ll know what you’re doing. On your first few dives, you’ll jump off while strapped to skydiving instructors as he/she teaches you how to open your parachute, the best time to do so, and where you’ll land on the ground.


Longmont, Colorado

If you want to see lush greeneries and open fields as you descend from the sky, the Midwest is your best bet, particularly in Longmont, Colorado. A few miles from Denver, Long mont offers a unique skydiving experience that’ll make you appreciate the greeneries that make up American soil.

From the vast farming lands that surround the area to the famous Rocky Mountains, skydiving in Longmont is like a visual lesson what it means to take care of the earth. Such a view can only be seen in this area, and when you do, you’ll end up appreciating nature a lot more!


Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania

If you want to do solo jumps upon what looks like a storybook fantasyland, look no further than the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. The view you get to see as you dive out of the airplane is truly a sight to behold—forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers galore.

The forests here are colored with rich autumn tones while the bodies of water are calm and pristine. The sky above them is already quite a sanctuary for those who want to experience Mother Nature in a totally different light. It’s a great contrast to the more bustling sites in the nearby metropolises.


San Diego, California

Ever seen two countries at the same time? If you skydive at San Diego, California, you can! The skydiving site in this area allows you to see the border separating California and Mexico. You’ll see the vast differences between the two countries as you slowly descend from up to 10,000 feet in the sky.

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Furthermore, this is also one of the very few skydiving places where you also get to see the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Arguably the largest body of water in the world, once you see it from a bird’s eye view, no other vantage points can ever compare!


Sebastian, Florida

Speaking of bodies of water, another skydiving site that offers you a view of these amazing natural wonders is at Sebastian, Florida. Here, apart from your standard mountains, cities, lands, and what not, you get to see the likes of the Atlantic ocean, the Indian River, and many more! Not to mention the stunning weather that allows you to skydive any time and any day!

They don’t call Florida the “Sunshine State” for nothing. If you want to free fall on a sunny day, here’s your best bet! Just make sure to put on a light layer of sunscreen before you jump off the plane!


Waialua, Hawaii

If you think Hawaii is beautiful when you’re there, what more when you’re seeing it from a few thousand feet from the sky? in Waialua, Hawaii, you’re treated to a tropical view of white sandy beaches, crystal blue ocean waters, vast mountains, and more!

This view is much more relaxed, slightly exotic, and definitely more alluring than other views in other areas in the country. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see the peak of a volcano and find out what’s happening inside! Still, the tropical beauty of the area, and in fact, the entire state, is worth the skydive!


Zion National Park, Utah

A vast valley of lush greeneries and sculpted mountains and cliffs await those lucky enough to skydive into the Zion National Park in the state of Utah. This skydiving center is so incredibly beautiful that one would think that it’s a set in a movie.

The forests here are among the greenest in the country, while the well-shaped rock formations and mountains create a stunning natural cradle just waiting to be explored. But if you’re diving in from thousands of feet in the sky, the view is much more breathtaking! It’s essentially Jurrasic Park without the scary dinosaurs!


Skydive your way into all sorts of natural wonders when you visit any or all of these great diving areas! They’ll make for great experiences!


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