Solo traveling can be fun, but at times, it is also daunting especially when you are a female solo traveler.

Female Solo Traveler

Women are strong in nature who are willing to go beyond their limits in order to prove to everyone that they can be tough and extreme like men. And an adventure like traveling is not an exception.


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What To Prepare For

When planning for a trip alone and to a strange land, there are a lot of things that need to be carefully pondered about especially when you are a female. The first thing to consider is asking for your parents’ permission.

This could be pretty nerve-racking because your parents might say “no” to this and you can’t blame them. Another obvious thing is your safety. But if you think about it, there are possibilities that danger comes to you whether you are a boy or a girl. Thus, do not let these factors affect you and hinder you from traveling solo.

When you are away from home, it is only natural that you will encounter some fears along the way. After all, this could be the boldest thing you have ever done in your entire life. Here are the fears that you might face and need to be conquered to make the best out of your trip.

The Loneliness

lonely traveler

At first, you are still caught up to the excitement of being in a new place. Your first day could be a total blast and overwhelming. However, the next day, you will probably feel lonely and wish that your loved ones could be with you to share the enjoyment that the trip is giving you.

But don’t sulk in the corner and kill the moment. Call them through FaceTime or Skype – you are just one button away from them. This is also the perfect time to meet new people if you are sociable enough.

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Your Safety

Scammers are everywhere, and most of the time their primary prey are travelers who are alone. They have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and the best way to protect yourself is to trust no one. As much as possible, you have to stick to the things you already planned out. Guard your valuables at all times!

Flirtatious Men

Flirtatious Men

Since you are a woman who happens to be traveling alone, men would grab this chance to get to know you. Some men will try to get your attention in a nice way, but some will become aggressive.

You can avoid this scenario by dressing up conservatively and try to avoid meeting their gaze. You may also feel safe if you walk around a public area. Do not go anywhere near a secluded compound.

Getting Lost

Being lost in a strange place is definitely alarming, and anxiety will eat you up. However, you need to remain calm in order to think rationally. Getting lost is inevitable, so before heading to your destination, you should have a backup plan like keeping a contact number of your hotel or a travel insurance’s hotline. Call them right away whenever you feel lost.

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The Coolest Places For A Solo Traveler

One of the most common reasons why a woman prefers to travel solo is because she doesn’t have to worry about “extra baggage,” someone who can be a reason she can’t go to her desired destination. When alone, she can go anywhere and engage with the adventures she wants to do without being stopped. Without anyone stopping her, she can discover places that can be magical or challenging. Here are the top destinations for a female traveler:

Maui, Hawaii



Hawaii is definitely one of the best tourist spots when it comes to beaches especially in Maui. There are a lot of adventures that a solo traveler can do like hiking, surfing, snorkeling and road trips. Anyone could be blown away by the island’s beauty and tranquility. In Maui, female travelers can also find a camp named “Maui Surfer Girls” camp which was created for those who are looking for a new sports adventure.


Iceland, Norway, Alaska, Finland, Greenland, Sweden



These are the countries where the famous Northern Lights attraction can be found. It is very magical and the dazzling colorful lights you see in the sky feel like you are in an entirely different planet.





If you are visiting Switzerland in winter, you will be amazed at how enticing and drop-dead gorgeously looking this country can be. The villages are all covered with snow, and it feels like you are in Disney’s Christmas Village. No wonder that this country could be the most expensive destination in the world.


Sossusvlei, Namibia



If you are up for some unique adventure, why not try the desert in Namibia. A desert has a hot climate and walking there could be way beyond the adventure you are looking for. However, you cannot deny that the remarkable pyramid-like sand mountain is truly a must-see.

If you continue walking, you will see the wide blue ocean behind the desert. This place is also safe for solo travelers like you. This is also the best place to meet new acquaintances as there are a lot of camping accommodations in the area. You will not be entirely alone walking in the desert. Other than the desert, you can also join a safari tour.





Canada is the country known for being so welcoming to people across the world. This is also the country where you can see very scenic and incredible landscapes that are second to none.

Go Cruising

The best way to travel to different places is through a cruise ship. Cruising is pretty easy and could save you time from booking airline tickets to your accommodations while this type of travel is all in one. You have a ship to take you to beautiful places and accommodation with great amenities inside. Enjoy the view of the ocean!


Nowadays, there are millions of women who enjoy traveling around the world by themselves instead of having the company of their friends. They find solo traveling a bit bold and the sense of self-empowerment is intoxicating. Discover the world around you and be brave to take any risks that come your way. Break free!


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