Every traveler’s dream is to travel all around the world – Paris, New York, South Korea, Japan – only to name a few. However, before getting to one’s destination, a first stop is the airport.

The airport is the gateway to a new adventure. This is the place where one can find millions of people from different cultures waiting for their flights to take off or waiting for loved ones’ flight to arrive.

Every airport has great amenities to guarantee travelers’ comfort and make sure that traveling is just a simple walk in the park. The most applauded airport in the world is Singapore’s Changi Airport. According to Forbes, Singapore Changi won the World’s Best Airport for “its blend of impressive amenities and airport efficiency.”

If you have an upcoming trip, especially to another country, you have to prepare yourself for a variety of things such as the long wait for boarding, delays and strict security.

Tips for First Time Flyers

There are lots of stuff that you will be able to find inside an airport that would definitely be interesting while waiting for your flight to take off such as lounges, restaurants, shopping centers, money exchange stalls and a lot more.

Airport Tips for First Time Flyers

Making mistakes in the airport is inevitable for travelers, most especially for the ones who are flying for the first time. But don’t take this wrong, making mistakes is normal. Nobody will judge you as everyone who travels goes through that stage. So, there are several gates that you need to pass through before boarding your plane, and these airport travel tips will help you do it.

Secure Your Bag

Secure Your Bag

Thieves are everywhere, and they can easily deceive their prey in every way possible. Thus, be sure that you are ready and don’t let anyone sabotage your trip. It is wise to use luggage with a built-in security lock. But if you don’t have it, buy a durable lock to attach on each end of your luggage’s zipper.

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Prepare Your Travel Documents

Travel Documents

When you pack your things, make sure that you can grab your travel documents (airline ticket, 1 or 2 Identification cards, passport) easily from your bag. This is a very common mistake that travelers make. Do not place them together with your other stuff. You should have it carefully placed in one of your portable bag’s compartments.

Be An Early Bird

Early Bird

Traffic is unavoidable and happens every day, so go out from your house as early as possible. Do not be late on your big day as that will be a total disaster! Some travelers go to the airport 1 hour before their scheduled flight, but it is recommended to go at least 3 to 4 hours earlier. Waiting for the flight is tiring but what matters most is that you will board your flight on time.

Check-in Via The Internet

The best way to skip waiting in line at the airport is to check-in yourself via online. It will save you from standing for a long time especially when you don’t have any baggage to be checked-in.

Airport Tips and Tricks for First Time Flyers

Airports offer an easy experience to all travelers especially those who are still in the lounge waiting for their flights. However, because there are thousands of travelers in the waiting area, the airport cannot accommodate every traveler’s needs. To survive the waiting game, you only have yourself to help you out.

Pass Through The Security

Airport security is very strict and in order for you to pass through the gate and enjoy your trip is to follow the rules. How to pack for airport security? Pack lightly and bring only what is necessary for your trip.

You need to know that you cannot place everything in your luggage especially liquid products that are flammable like perfume, spray deodorant, sunscreen, moisturizer, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

Airport security only allows travelers to carry liquid products within a 100ML container and properly secured in a transparent, Ziploc bag. You can bring a bottle of water and place it in your carry-on bag. But just to be safe, you can buy a water bottle after you pass the security.



In regular airport lounges, they provide TVs and play several TV shows. The problem is, you have your own show preference, and you are not in your own house to simply change the channel whenever you want to.

So, bring your own entertainment with you. Before your scheduled trip, save a movie or two in your phone or tablet, or even songs. Play it while waiting for your time to board. Do not forget your headphones!

Save The Battery

One of the best airport tips and hacks that has been proven is to carry a charger for gadgets such as a camera, tablet or laptop, and phones. While waiting, you need to entertain yourself through your gadgets; however, batteries get easily drained, especially when watching movies or using the internet.

To avoid that, bring a charger with you. Airports have a lot of outlets you can use but in case every outlet is being used, the smartest thing to do is bring a portable charger, also known as “Power Bank.”


The place you will be staying at doesn’t have any access to the nearest bank or ATM. You are traveling, so you have to make sure that you have enough money in your wallet for the entire duration.

There are many ATMs inside the airport so withdraw money as early as possible. If you are traveling to another country, do not forget to exchange your bills. You can also find money exchange stalls in the airport that can process your transaction smoothly and easily.

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Stuff Yourself

Do not let yourself starve while waiting to board your gate. Airports are surrounded by restaurants that offer a variety of food selections. Eat a clubhouse sandwich and quench your thirst with a bottle of water or soda or treat yourself with a relaxing sip of coffee. No need to buy expensive food, just enough to stuff yourself.

travel snacks

If you follow all these airport tips, you will be guaranteed with a stress-free journey.


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