Central America is a treasure trove of colorful cultures, exotic cuisines, and exciting sites to see.

Each and every corner of the subcontinent has an adventure to offer, as well as unforgettable experiences to last a lifetime.

The countries here are must-visits that shouldn’t be left out of any travel list, especially Costa Rica. Out of all the territories in Latin America, this country boasts a unique mix of hot and cold climates that can cater to any sort of adventurer.

Its most beautiful and striking mountains are perfect for wandering campers, while its seaside lands are the paradise water-lovers dream of.

If you’re going to Costa Rica for your vacation, you have to be fully prepared. The country is one of the most unpredictable in the entire world, and one false move can ruin your entire trip. In order to avoid that, here is a useful list of Costa Rica Travel Tips.

Plan in Advance

plan Costa Rica

Slowly but surely, Costa Rica is becoming a widely popular tourist destination. Despite its uniquely bipolar weather patterns, droves and droves of visitors descend upon the Central American country every year.

Both summer and winter months see massive influxes tourists, which may make going there a bit more challenging than usual. If your trip falls upon the high seasons, it’s best to plan everything months in advance.

When going there in December, book your trip as early as May. If you’re going there in June, settle all your plans by November of the year before. Planning in advance doesn’t hurt and is a good traveling to Costa Rica tip. In fact, you get to save time when it comes to searching for better deals, and the prices might be lower as well.

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Always Expect Rain

costa rica travel tips

Whoever says it doesn’t rain in Central America is lying. Rain is quite common in Costa Rica, as certain months of the year can see days within days of massive downpouring. Even when it’s supposed to be the hot seasons, some areas in the country can still experience rainfall.

While you’re packing for Costa Rica, keep in mind that rain can befall you anytime and you have to be prepared. Bring the necessary clothes and gear that’ll keep you dry all the way through.

This tip for traveling to Costa Rica is especially useful to those planning to backpack their way throughout the country. While they may seem like heavy burdens, you’ll never know when you’ll need the extra rain gear.

Expect Humidity Too

humid Puerto Rico

While you’re already expecting rain, another good travel tip for Costa Rica is to prepare for humidity too. As mentioned earlier, this country’s weather patterns is extremely bizarre in that one moment can be really sunny. You’ll be surprised that the next day can be cloudy and wet.

During those days when it is warm and sunny, Costa Rica’s humidity levels may go off the charts, and if you’re not ready for it, it can lead to some serious health repercussions. Follow a few Costa Rica travel tips such as packing some cool and light clothing, bringing a fan, and always drinking as much cold water as you can.

Don’t ruin your adventure by not being prepared as you might miss a lot of the natural wonders Costa Rica offers.

Go for the Rural Areas

costa rica travel tips

Costa Rica is an adventurer’s haven. It’s home to forest-filled mountains, amazing treks, and beaches with wild waves. Almost every corner of the country is equipped with adrenaline-pumping landscapes and vast bodies of water.

If you want to go the full adventure route, another Costa Rica travel tip you must follow it go to the more rural areas. Within these small communities, there are still some modern amenities that can cater to your needs.

While these places might not necessarily be five-star establishments, they’re enough of a home for a nomadic adventurer. Furthermore, it’s more likely that the rich Costa Rican culture is more evident in these places than in the more urban areas.

Always Clean After Yourself

Costa Rica prides itself as one of the leading countries of sustainability. They value their wildlife and nature, and they have their own practices that do not harm their surroundings. If you’re going to visit the country, it’s best to abide by their environment-friendly rules and standards.

A vital tip for traveling to Costa Rica is to always clean up after yourself, especially if you’re going to camp within the country’s many beautiful mountains. Even by just a single wrapping paper left on the ground is a total disregard of the country’s mission of taking care of Mother Earth.

As the Costa Ricans welcome you to their home, they only expect that you take care of it while you’re there, and that isn’t too much to ask!

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US Dollars are Accepted

costa rica travel tips

Costa Rica is among the small number countries in the world, outside the United States of America, that accept US dollars. Most of the country and their many establishments accept it as payment. You can buy or avail any services and pay in US dollars.

The nation’s actual currency is the Costa Rican Colón. Usually, the exchange rate between the two is 1 USD is equal to 500-600+ Costa Rican Colóns. If you do choose to use your dollars outside the US, a wise travel tip for Costa Rica is to download apps. These apps will accurately project the current exchange rate between the two currencies.

There have been cases wherein merchants scammed tourists by proclaiming the wrong exchange rate.

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Service Charge and Taxes

The way services are rendered in Costa Rica is much different to how it is in places like the US, Canada, and the UK. For starters, in these countries, tipping is very much a silent requirement.

In Costa Rica, on the other hand, your bill will most likely require a service charge. At the same time, taxes for the said services are also included. Often, the service charge is 10% of the price, while the tax amounts to 13%.

A must-follow traveling to Costa Rica tip is to know these terms (and their percentages) at heart. Don’t be surprised if the bill of your product or service is much higher than the price shown. It’s because of the service charge and the taxes imposed.

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Costa Rica is an adventurer’s paradise. It has loads of nature, wildlife, and exoticism just waiting to be explored. However, if you’re not careful, your trip might not end up as exciting as you’d like. Follow these few Costa Rica travel tips and tricks. This will ensure that your stay in the Central American country is one that you’d never want to forget!


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