Do you want to travel to Europe? Or have you been trolling others’ social media posts about their latest Europe getaway? There’s nothing wrong with that since you just want to be like them – a wanderlust.

It really is a nice feeling to become a wanderlust because all you do is explore around the beautiful places and admire them to your heart’s content. Being a wanderer gives you a sense of becoming one with nature and getting to know yourself deeper. It is also an opportunity where you will be able to know more about different countries’ culture.

And the best destination to do that is no other than Europe. When you are in Europe, you can visit different countries like Spain, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and a lot more actually.

Yes, Europe can be an expensive place to go especially when you only have limited money, but that should not matter the most when you become a wanderlust. To be a wanderlust, you have to be a risk-taker.

Money should not be a hindrance to experiencing fun and discovering the beauty of the world you are living in. There is a cheap way to travel in Europe. The question is, are you ready to find out?


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Becoming the Ultimate Wanderlust

Becoming the ultimate wanderlust is not necessarily referring to someone who has traveled many destinations. An ultimate wanderlust is someone who loves not just traveling per se, but also traveling economically, and considers how much he can save. Here are some guidelines you can follow:


The first thing you should do is determine the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. According to professional travelers, the average cost per day in Eastern Europe is around •30 to •50 while Western Europe is around •50 to70 per day.

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So, your best travel destination should be in Eastern Europe where you will find less expensive places like Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary or the Czech Republic. You can actually find around •20 in Greece for a private room, but it could be a dormitory type room for expensive countries like France and the United Kingdom.


While it is very relaxing to stay in a hotel room where you can have your privacy and other great amenities, it will not help your budget at all. Instead of having a week-long trip, staying in a hotel could cut your journey to 2 or 3 days instead.

The best cheap accommodation you could ever find in Europe is a dormitory type hostel. For dorm type rooms with free Wi-Fi, the price could be around $15 to $30. If you want a free Wi-Fi with free breakfast hostel, you can find great deals from:

Abigails Hostel in Dublin ($14)
Hostel Old Plovdiv in Bulgaria ($11)
Small Funny World Athens in Greece ($12)
Cosmopolitan Hotel in Greece ($14)
First Hostel Bucharest in Romania ($10)
Hostel Tina in Romania ($13)
Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie in the Netherlands ($13)


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To find multiple options and compare the prices of the hostels, check out Hostel World website. They have a large scope of accommodations across Europe.

And the best and cheapest way for accommodation is through couch surfing where you will have the opportunity to stay with the local’s home for free. This type of accommodation is very common all over Europe as this promotes a good relationship between people from different countries. A good way to share each other’s culture!


The effective ways to get around Europe are through their bus and railway system. Bus lines like Mega Bus, Flix Bus or Bus Bout, can let you travel from city to city from $6 to $10 for a short travel hour. They could also go from one country to another for as low as $50. However, buses travel slower than a train.

So, if you want to get to another country quicker, it is best to travel via train. Europe’s railway is topnotch and could get you a much cheaper deal especially when you get a Eurail Pass. You can make a stop anywhere within its scope without paying extra fees and saves you time from waiting in line to buy a ticket every single stop you make. Whether you are using a bus or a train, you have to book your ticket as early as you can because tickets are usually sold out easily.

arno river

If you want a much quicker way to take you to your destination, it is through the sky. Airlines are expensive, but if you choose to fly with budget or discounted airlines like Norwegian Air, Easy Jet, Eurowings or Wizz Air, you will surely find cheaper airline tickets.

The secret to getting a cheaper deal is by booking ahead of time, at least three months before your scheduled trip. For better deals, use online travel platforms like Skyscanner or Momondo.

BlaBlaCar is the modern way of a carpool service. Using this service, you have to share some money to pay for the gas or other expenses along the way in exchange for a seat. It’s like hitchhiking. The only difference is that it is not entirely free.

Tour Activities

There are hundreds of tourist attractions across Europe, and you probably would love to see every single one of them. However, some attractions come with a price such as:

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands ($12)
Parthenon in Athens, Greece ($22)
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain ($17)
Florence Cathedral in Florence, Italy ($20)
Bran Castle in Romania ($9)

white wine

You may also want to take advantage of the free sightseeing tours that usually happen in museums and the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. There are beautiful parks in all the cities in Europe that would capture your eyes and make you feel like you are in a dreamland.

Walk freely like any other tourists would do and go wherever your feet take you. Feel a breath of fresh air – after all, it’s free!

Spending cheaply doesn’t mean that you are literally a cheap kind of person. As a matter of fact, you are a smart individual who has a great consideration on the importance of money.

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