If you are planning for a trip to Europe and still haven’t decided where to go, include Barcelona as one of your destination options.

First, you need a Barcelona guide expert to give you knowledge about the city and indulge you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you don’t want to miss. Do not worry as you do not need to interact with a live person which will cost you a fee.

All you need to do is browse your internet and search for Barcelona travel guide blog. There are hundreds of blogs that would talk about the city in sugar-coated words, but only few would feed you the information that matters to you the most such as the best tourists’ spots and how much will you be spending during the trip.

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Top 3 Barcelona Travel Guide Bloggers To Checkout

The Savvy Backpacker

This blog is created by an American couple who have been in and out of Europe for years. They have created the blog to share not just their beautiful travel experiences but also to relay useful information to other travelers.

On their blog, they have discussed several important things that any traveler should know about such the budget, the length of stay, where to eat and drink at a low cost and a lot more.

  • Budget

According to The Savvy Backpacker, travelers who are in a budget can survive the city with a budget of 30 EUR to 75 EUR per day for at least 4 to 5 days’ length of a trip. Barcelona is not a cheap city to visit, but this recommended budget is fairly decent compared to the other expensive cities in Europe.

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  • When To Go

When you prefer a less crowded season, it is recommended to visit the city during winter or late spring and early fall. Pitching for the low peak season to schedule a Barcelona trip could be the smartest idea as you would probably find lower rates for airline tickets and accommodations.

  • Where To Go

Barcelona has tons of places to visit depending on a traveler’s preference. The city is very popular in its nightlife, and this is one of the reasons why most tourists go to Barcelona.

The city is also known for preserving its medieval period ambiance, where unique architecture and museums can be found, which always leave a breathtaking experience to tourists. Barcelona beach like the Platja Barcelona situated in Vila Olimpica is simply irresistible, and hundreds of tourists crowd the beach every summer.


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The Blonde Abroad

This is a travel blog created by a native from California named Kiersten. She has become a professional traveler over the years and been to over 70 countries. In her blog, she mainly discussed means of transportation in the city, the best places to stay in and where to find delicious Spanish cuisine.

According to Kiersten, also called “Kiki,” the city has different districts which offer different tastes of Barcelona. Her top 5 districts are as follows:

  • Ciutat Vella

Ciutat Vella – known to be the heart of the city where the famous Las Ramblas can be found. Las Ramblas is one of the most crowded places in the city because of the shopping centers, restaurants and different attractions luring the tourists around.

  • L’Eixample

L’Eixample – the best place to visit for architecture enthusiasts as it is filled with modern architectures. Best bars and clubs can also be found in this area.

  • Gracia

Gracia – this place is famous because it is where the famous Gaudi’s Park Guell stands.
Example – this is the area for travelers who love to shop from clothing lines to souvenirs. 3 of the best attractions in Barcelona are also located here such as Gaudi’s Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, and Sagrada Familia.

  • Sants-Montjuic

Sants-Montjuic – this is the area where travelers can have easy access to “high speed” train station, picturesque park and stunning sight of the city awaits when you climb to the top of the mountain.

  • Transportation

For transportation, many believed that the taxis in Barcelona are the cheapest throughout Europe and can be the best alternative means of transportation than the Metro. Metro costs 2.20 EUR for a single ticket.

However, if you want to save more, you should get the T-10 Card for 10.20 EUR which is valid for ten train rides. Travelers can also easily walk around the city if they want to save money.

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Nomadic Matt

One of the most trusted travel blogger and the best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. On his blog about Barcelona, like any other travel blogs he has written, he talked about the famous tourist spots in the city, cost of accommodation and food.

For Nomadic Matt’s top 5 attractions:

  • Wander Gaudi’s Architecture,
  • Picasso Museum,
  • the Barcelona beaches,
  • Barcelona history museum,
  • and the Barri Gotic.

For him, these are the must-visit sights while you are in the city.

  • Accommodations

For accommodations, he stated that the dormitory type hostels could start around 10 EUR per night. And an average of 20 EUR to 35 EUR per night. For travelers who prefer privacy, they can pay around 30 EUR per night. The rates in all rooms are inclusive with free Wi-Fi as well as free breakfast. It is a good deal.

  • Meals

For a decent meal, it would cost around 6 EUR to 13 EUR (Tapa dish which is usually around 4 to 6 slices). For travelers who want to fill in their stomachs with traditional Spanish cuisine and wine should expect to spend at least 25 EUR to 35 EUR for a meal. There are also fast foods in the city which cost around 7 EUR per meal.

He also recommends that for much more savings, travelers should also take advantage of the free sightseeing walk tours. You can do this especially in the museums. He said that all museums are free to tour around during Sunday except for the history museum.


Reading blogs from professional travel bloggers is truly informative and inspiring. It helps anyone to prepare smartly before going to the destinations they want to go. There is also another way to get around the city on your own. And that is to buy yourself a Barcelona travel guidebook which you can easily carry wherever you go.



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