Whether your trip is within your country or to the opposite side of the world, you have to make sure that your airline would send you to your destination safe and sound. You do not need to book your flight with an expensive airline just to ensure your safety.

All you need to do is gather information from experts’ own experiences by reading their air travel blogs. Reading an airline review blog could be a little tiring, but you might find it very helpful for your upcoming trip. Reading blogs like this would help you broaden your knowledge on traveling especially when it comes to savings and comforts of flying.

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Go Travel Your Way

When it comes to traveling around the world, a German traveler named Josh Cahill could give you some tips about what airlines you need to book your flights with. He has been traveling to different corners of the world for over 15 years and his blog Go Travel Your Way has been awarded the Best Airline Blog 2018.

In his blog, you’ll find a great variety of jets from airlines he has hopped on like Hainan Airlines HU7808 and Delta Air Line CRJ900 to name a few. So, let’s get to know more the airlines from his commercial aviation blog.

Go Travel Your Way

Various Airlines

Delta Air Line’s CRJ900 has a category called Comfort Plus wherein there are 20 available seats. You don’t have to be in a first class to experience comfort during your flight if you are on this flight. With its upgraded legroom, power, and USB outlets, and lots of food and beverage selections, a relaxing experience is definitely guaranteed.

In Cahill’s blog, he said that CRJ900’s First Class and Comfort Plus are very similar with each other from the superb service to the comfort of the seat, except for having your privacy which can only be availed in the First Class.

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Various Airlines

What Travelers Think

Meanwhile, many travelers agree that Chinese Airlines are not safe except for the Hainan Airline and Xiamen Air. On his review, Cahill highlighted that although this Airline might not have been rated with a 5-star status, the services inside the jet has been truly “spotless.” F

lying with Hainan Airlines HU7808 (Economy Class) lets you take advantage of free food and beverages, blanket and pillow, headphones, USB Port, Personal Entertainment, and, of course, a 130MB usage of internet.

What Travelers Think

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Other Things To Check Out

Go Travel Your Way blog also shares the sites Cahill usually checks to get great deals for airline tickets as well as hotel accommodations. Take note of these sites: JustFly, Kiwi, Skyscanner, Booking, AirBnB, Air Wander, and SecretFlying.


There is another trustworthy source to accumulate information regarding air travels: FlyerTalk. FlyerTalk is a frequent-flyers’ blog—a community of thousands of member-flyers from all over the world who share their flight experiences. To join in the discussions, you only need to choose what forum you would like to check and start from there.

Shoot Your Questions

This is a good spot to ask questions and get answers straight from real people with real experiences. You can also find here useful questions that have been answered by other members that might mirror your situation.

Get  Recommendations

FlyerTalk also has a page where members post reviews about different hotels across the world. Not only that, but this blog is also updated when it comes to news regarding airlines, airport happenings, as well as hotel developments.

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One Mile At A Time

This is a blog by Ben “Lucky” Schlappig who loves everything about travel especially earning airline miles and credit card points. On his blog, he helps other travelers boost their travel experience through sharing the loyalty program links he usually uses on his own trips for airlines and hotels.

He also talks about how to take advantage of credit cards by earning bonus points and using it on the next travel escapade. Of course, to make other travelers’ experience better, he also has reviews related to airlines, lounges, and hotels.


Airline Reporter

Composed of 25 writers, Airline Reporter was established in 2009. The aim was to cater to the needs of passengers specifically on aviation, travel, and airlines. Their job is to create understanding between the passengers and the commercial airlines to minimize the gap caused by misconceptions. Over the years, they have been acknowledged as the best airline news blog.

What Travelers Think

One of the airline issues circulating years ago was about Chinese airlines. Many passengers commented and shared their negative experiences with Chinese jets. Some described it as horrific, “a nightmare experience,” “worst airline,” and so on which greatly affected the reputation of such airlines.

Despite that, Chinese airlines were still able to attract customers because of their airfare rates. And that was what happened to a guest blogger, Ken Donohue, as he has shared his own experience on Airline Reporter.

Knowing Their First-Hand Experiences

Having a great deal of $730 CDN ($570USD), he booked an all-in China Eastern ticket. It was from Vancouver, Canada to Bangkok, Thailand. He did this even after reading the negative reviews. Was having a cheap flight a great deal? For Donohue, not just because he had set his expectations low, the experience he had was good aside from the “lack of consistent service.”

Based on his story, it is clear that not everything you read in the reviews will likely to happen. Negative reviews will have a big impact on a commercial airline. Especially on their revenues. Everyone will have a different experience. Everyone has different standards and expectations.

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Lesson Of The Story

It was unfortunate for those who had traumatic experiences riding a plane. But do not let it stop you from riding one. Weigh in your options and follow your instincts. This story of Donohue in Airline Reporter is just one of the many issues in aviation history. And it needs to be straightened out.



When you are planning for a You-Only-Live-Once journey, the preparation has to be perfect. The most common mistake that people do is booking a flight without doing a background check on their chosen airline. Do not settle for a mediocre experience especially when traveling for hours. Be your own private investigator!

Reading travel blogs can be a lot to take in. But at the end of the day, you will realize that it is the best thing that you have ever done.


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