Fiji might not be the most famous country in the world, but it’s home to a lot of amazing sites you’ll never see anywhere else in the South Pacific area.

Best 15 Places to Visit on Fiji

From the darkest of caves and vast sand dunes to the most exhilarating waterfalls and remote islands just waiting to be explored. This Oceanic country is a paradise for all sorts of adventurers, as well as those looking to get away from their worldly troubles and be in complete serenity. If you’re even going to visit this amazing land, here are 15 places that you should definitely stop by when you’re in the Fiji islands territory.

Below are the most popular hotels in Fiji:

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

As with other countries in Asia and Oceania, Fiji houses several rainforests packed with lush greeneries. One such that is quite a sight to behold is Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, a national-preserved area that consists of nature trails, refreshing swimming holes, and a beautiful waterfall. It’s one of the more peaceful sites that both locals and tourists alike frequent. Since the forest is so vast, it’s also quite easy to get lost here, so better be careful when you visit.

Coral Coast

Coral Coast

If you plan to have a more luxurious stay in Fiji, the best place for you is by Coral Coast. This stunning shoreline is home to a bevy of resorts and hotels that pamper those in need of extreme relaxation. The seaside view alone is enough reason to drop by here to see the Fiji waters and its coral fees in the sea, but the five-star establishments might lure you into staying longer than you originally planned.

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Fiji Museum

Learn more about this mysterious country by going to the Fiji Museum. This is one of the few places in which, while it’s not exactly an adventure, will give you a better grasp of the history, culture, and heritage of such an enigmatic nation. Here, you get to see how all the remnants that are unique to Fuji, such as the Ratu Finau, a double-hulled kayak over 13 meters long.

Best 15 Places to Visit on Fiji


If you truly want to marvel at the natural wonders of Fiji, head on over to Kadavu island. This semi-remote territory isn’t as urbanized as other areas in the country, making it the closest to how the land originally looked like all those centuries ago. with only a few concrete roads and man-made trails, getting to the island alone is already an adventure in of itself.

Natadola Bay

The best place to dive and snorkel in Fuji is definitely Natadola Bay. Firstly, the beach here is already clean, which perfectly pairs up with the crystal clear waters of the bay. A few strokes away from the shoreline and you’ll get to see all sorts of marine life, swimming about their own ecosystems. Such underwater wildlife is a sight to behold, which can’t be seen anywhere else in the country or in the world for that matter.


Naviwala is a vast valley with hills, mountains, and forests as far as the eye can see. It’s a largely untouched patch of green lands that are incredibly breathtaking. This valley is the perfect trial to have a grand hike, wherein exploring the entire place might take days or even weeks. In between the forests are freshwater streams and rivers wherein you can refresh yourself with a dip once the hike gets too taxing.

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Best 15 Places to Visit on Fiji


Even though Fiji itself isn’t all that exposed, the Savusavu province is a hidden paradise even to some locals as well. This is mostly because getting here isn’t all that easy as the fastest paths leading to the majestic white sand beaches are quite hidden and hard to find. You’ll have to through various forests and hills to get to the actual paradise. But you finally do reach that point, you’ll see that the trouble was worth it.

Sawailau Caves

Apart from islands and forests, Fuji is also known for its caves, including the Sawailau caves in the northern Yasawa islands. It’s said that the Fijian god Ulutini, the one with ten heads, rests here and those who are brave enough to explore it are in danger of waking him up. But aside from this myth, the caves also consist of beautiful limestone formations that one should see to believe!

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

A desert in Fiji? This must be famous Sigatoka Sand Dunes. Miles and miles of dark grey sand await those courageous enough to explore this vast land. The open emptiness of the area is a great juxtaposition to the green-filled forests and mountains that surround it.

It’s also near the Sigatoka river, which makes for a perfect refresher for those who seek to hike the sand dunes under the hot Fiji sun.

Best 15 Places to Visit on Fiji

Snake God Cave

Another famous cave in this Oceanic country is the Snake God cave. The name comes from the stalactites that appear in the cave, which look like the heads of the slithering reptile. It’s also a historical site, as tribes and communities often used it as their hiding places during times of war and conflict. Today, it remains to be the darkest maze anyone has ever gone through.

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Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

One of the more dominant religions in Fiji is Hinduism, which is perfectly manifested by the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple. This array of colorful shrines have become the ultimate worshipping place for Fijian Hindus, and while you may not practice the religion yourself. it’s still a must-see. Even the idols and imagery are quite extraordinary, mostly because they came from India and were transported here in mint condition.

Swami Temple

Suva Municipal Market

Going to the Suva Municipal Market will give you a taste of the local life. The best item of choice to sell and buy here are the massive fruits, particularly the guavas that were freshly cut from trees. However, don’t even think to haggle as most prices here are fixed and vendors won’t entertain the idea of changing their prices for your benefit.

Tavoro Waterfall

Tavoro Waterfall

On the island of Taveuni, you will find the Tavoro waterfall, one of the most beautiful of its kind in the country. It connects to a river and consists of three waterfalls gushing out cold and fresh water. The sit itself is majestic with its lush greeneries and exotic plants that decorate the sides of the falls. You just have to be careful though, because of many animals, some possibly dangerous, that lurk about in this area.

Tavuni Hill Fort

The Tavuni Fort gives you the most majestic view out of all the forts constructed in Fiji. Once you step on this platform, you get to see the vast valley and the beautiful Sigatoka river nearby. It’s also near the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, which you can also see from the top of the fort.

Below are the most popular hotels in Fiji:

Yasawa Islands

If you’re looking for a peaceful island in Fiji, look no further than the Yasawa Islands. They’re only a 2-3 hour boat ride away and is almost completely remote, save for a couple of establishments. It’s probably one of the most peaceful places in the entire world.

Visit Fiji and see all these marvelous places up close! The offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make for incredible memories and stunning stories to share!

Malolo Island

Although Fiji is more of a relaxing tourist destination, you can still get an adrenaline rush by going to Malolo Island. This gem of an island is part of the Mamanuca island groups and is often visited by adventure-seekers. Explore its vast rainforests, where you might get to meet unique animals that you’ll never see anywhere else.

But if you’re more of water-centric kind of adventurer, you can jet-skit across the vast seas that surround Malolo Island. They’re so clean and clear that you’ll see the various reefs and underwater ecosystems as you zoom across the South Pacific ocean! This is an experience you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Fiji!

Garden Of The Sleeping Giant

With a name as interesting as the “Garden of the Sleeping Giant,” who wouldn’t want to travel here? Acclaimed by the Fijian Government as one of the country’s most beautiful sites, this “garden” consists of vast acres of stunning flora. Colorful flowers, eye-catching plants, and even a few little creatures make up this beloved tourist site.

On those days when you just want to relax and take a load off, this is the destination to go to! There’s even an island resort in the area, called Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool, where you can submerge yourself in warm, soothing thermal pools and exfoliate in the freshest of mud baths offered in this wonderful country.


Apart from adrenaline junkies and luxury travelers, there’s also one type of tourist that Fiji attracts: surfers! And the best spot for them to ride the waves is in Cloubreak, a surfer’s destination within the famous Mamanuca Islands. Here, surfers can attempt to ride the “gnarliest” waves, with each one growing bigger than the next.

This is also a great spot were go scuba-diving, as the area is filled with all sorts of ecosystems and wildlife that one would never see anywhere else. Other activities you can do here include jet-skiing, swimming, kayaking, and more. This is one of the best spots in the South Pacific for those who are generally drawn to the calls of the ocean.

Beqa Lagoon

If you really want a heart-pumping activity, dive with sharks at Beqa Lagoon. Over by the Pacific Harbour, this famous spot is where tourists can swim with many species of sharks, from the funny-looking hammerheads to the infamous great whites. Although most of these underwater creatures are tamed, when you do decide to swim with them, remember to do exactly what the experts and tour guides tell you to do.


For those, however, who are not into swimming with sharks, there are still the white sand beaches that surround this aquatic area, from the ones by Pacific Harbour to the more remote and exotic shores on  Viti Levu.

Pacific Harbour

Fiji might be home to a lot of natural wonders, but it’s also a haven for man-made adventures just waiting to be experienced. Arguably, their capital for such is Pacific Harbour. Here, this widely-civilized area is all about the resorts, vacation homes, and theme parks that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Swami Temple

Of course, there’s the Beqa Lagoon, in which guests can swim with sharks. There’s also Kila World, an obstacle course that lets guests promote fitness by way of nature walks and rope courses. For those who just want to relax and rejuvenate, the Pacific Palm Marina is full of spas, resorts and all sorts of similar establishments.

Kula Eco Park

The exotic fauna that makes up Fiji’s colorful wildlife is not to be missed! And in Kula Eco Park, a national park in Sigatoka island, you’ll see a lot of them. One of the stars of this site is the rare Fijian-crested iguana, with its dazzling eyes and flaky reptile skin.

This particular species of reptile can’t be found anywhere else, just in Fiji, and in particular, in this state park! The country’s native birds, which include the Crimson Shining Parrot, the Fiji Goshawk, and the Fiji Woodswallow all nest here. These colorful creatures are such sights to behold, and Kula Eco Park is the best and safest places to see them up close and personal!


Levuka, the capital of Ovalau island, is the only place in Fiji that’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. As such, the Fijian government often used the place to bump up their tourism. But what about it is so charming that it merits such a title?

It’s actually one of the very few and preserved places in the country that the European settlers first came into the archipelago. A lot of the baroque architecture and Roman Catholicism are still very much evident in this town. It’s a good contrast to the stunning natural wonders that you’ll see in other parts of Fiji.

Great Astrolabe Reef

Want to see soft corals, exotic fishes, and other interesting undersea life? Head on over to Kadavu Island, the fourth largest of the country, so you can sail to the Great Astrolabe Reef. About 100 kilometers of vast underwater ecosystems, each more captivating than the next, make up this famous diving spot.

astrolabe reef

In fact, it’s safe to say that most people spend more time exploring this majestic reef than they do actually staying on Kadavu island, which itself has its own fair share of natural charms. Even if you’re not a diver yourself, this spot is also great for fishing, where you can catch the likes of tuna, giant trevally, and mahi-mahi.

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