When traveling is brought up as a topic, Australia is one of the most popular destinations for wanderlusts.

Australia Travel Guide: The Best Way to Get to Know Australia 🦘

There are tons of attractions in Australia that fulfills a wanderlust’s desire to explore world’s magnificent creations such as Kangaroo Island, Red Center, Great Barrier Reef, and Great Ocean Road.

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Visiting Australia

So if you are very keen on making another extraordinary adventure, come to Australia and make it happen. In order for this to happen, you need to have someone who will provide you with plenty of information such as where to go and what to do while you are in the country. What you need is an Australia travel guide who is an expert to every nook place of the country.

What Is a Travel Guide?

A travel guide is not necessarily a live person; a guide can also be in the form of a book or a blog. When you are already set, an Australia travel guidebook, which you can buy from any bookstores, can be a perfect companion during your travel.

A guidebook is very handy as you can carry it everywhere you go without any significant weight on your shoulder. Another way to get to know more about your travel destination is through travel blogs.

Travel Blogs

Most travelers create blogs to share their once in a lifetime journeys to other travel enthusiasts around the world. It is proven that blogs are very helpful to people who are fond of going from places to places in terms of accommodations, the best spots, and most importantly the costing.

Australia Travel Guide: The Best Way to Get to Know Australia 🦘
  • Nomadic Matt

The number one trusted Australia travel blog is by Nomadic Matt. He is known to be New York Times’ best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and a well-known wanderlust.

One of his blogs is about traveling to Australia in which he described the country as “a major backpacking, camping, road trip, and diving destination.”

Attractions In Australia

He provided 5 must-visit attractions such as Sydney – the largest city of Australia, Uluru where tourist can witness a stunning and awe-inspiring sight during sunrise and sunset, Great Barrier Reef where you can explore the depth of the ocean, visiting Melbourne for a more relaxing place and surrounded with cafes and restaurants, river and strolling in a very large garden, and lastly, the Sail the Whitsundays which offers 3-day and 2-night cruise for island sightseeing.

Australia Travel Guide: The Best Way to Get to Know Australia 🦘

Australia Trip Cost

Nomadic Matt’s blog is very informative as he took the time to discuss costing when traveling to Australia. For traveling Australia on a budget, your best choice for accommodation is a hostel.

Hostels’ dorm room type starts at 20 AUD per night and for private rooms with a double bed and a shared bathroom the rate would start around 80 to 100 AUD. Budget hotels also offer a private room with en-suite bathroom and breakfast for 75 to 95 AUD.

If money is not an issue, tourists can find a much more comfortable place to stay found in a luxury hotel at 200 AUD per night.

Australia Travel Guide: The Best Way to Get to Know Australia 🦘

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Meal Budget

For food, travelers can satisfy their hungry tummy at 20 AUD for a decent restaurant meal, take-outs cost around 8 to 10 AUD and fast food could cost 15 AUD per meal. He also recommends eating at either Asian or Indian restaurants for as low as 10 AUD or below.

Of course, when traveling or having a stroll in the city, travelers have to expect how much will it cost them for the transportation. Based on Nomadic Matt, local trains and bus fare are around 3 – 4 AUD.

Australia Travel Guide: The Best Way to Get to Know Australia 🦘


In Australia, there are also car rentals like the Campervan and known to be as the cheapest way to travel around the city. Car rental starts at 60 AUD per day. Travel activities could be a bit pricey. Multi-activities costs around 400 to 540 AUD and day trips can start around 135 to 230 AUD.

Other than Nomadic Matt, there are also other travel blogs about Australia that are worth reading namely NOMADasaurus, Sunset Travellers, Rocky Travel Guide, To Travel Too, Food Wine Travel, Travel Outback Australia and Little Aussie Travellers. These seven bloggers give recommendations for first-time travelers as well as friendly advice about Australia.

Travel Agencies

Australia is very expensive, so it is a given that going there could cost travelers a couple of hundred bucks – not to mention the cost of a roundtrip airline ticket. So before packing up your backpacks, check out third-party travel agency platforms to see and compare different travel Australia packages. These platforms will create an itinerary based on your travel preferences such as schedule, hotel accommodation, and tour activities.

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  • Expedia

One of the most popular online travel platforms. This platform has created a bundle deal for travelers planning to have a vacation in Australia and save up to $583. The Bundle includes an airline ticket and hotel accommodation.

  • Go Way

This platform specializes in creating tour packages that would ensure satisfaction to tourists around the world. Some of their packages are Classic Australia 15 Day ($2,893), Great Ocean Road and Wildlife Ecotour for three days ($1,122), Natural Tasmania 4 Days ($1,473), Outback Australia: The Color of Red ($2,377) and a lot more.

  • OZ Experience

Aside from the Go Way, this platform also offers a range of travel packages which includes a hop-on and hop-off bus via Greyhound, which is popular in Australia. The destinations for sightseeing are well from the best tourist attractions in the country. Some of their unique packages are:

Cairns – Darwin’s Fair Dincum package comprises of 9 tours, 13 nights’ accommodation and 38 meals ($4,399)

Sydney – Alice Springs’ Ripper package with three tours, five nights’ accommodation and 16 meals ($1,599)

Melbourne – Cairns’ Skippy package with two tours, 1-night accommodation and three meals ($899)

Melbourne – Cairns’ Pharlap package with five tours, six nights’ accommodation and 15 meals (1,829)

Brisbane – Cairns’ Beaut package with four tours, five nights’ accommodation and 13 meals ($1,449)


Australia Travel Guide: The Best Way to Get to Know Australia 🦘

A friendly reminder before going to Australia is to first know the facts about the country such as the weather, seasons, cities and time zones. Second, check whether you need a visa to go there and when is the best time to go. Lastly, book your flight and enjoy your vacation!

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