Heartache is the nastiest emotion that a girl could ever experience in her entire life.

Mend A Broken Heart By Backpacking In Europe 💔

That excruciating feeling that has the ability to turn her world upside down is not a joke, and anyone who has experienced that has only one goal – to run from it.

Well, mending a broken heart is no easy task but there’s actually a proven way, and that is to travel. Many believe that traveling heals whatever is broken, although it may not be as perfect as it used to be.

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Escape To the Best Places In Europe

If you want to escape everything that hurts, then pack your bags and indulge yourself on a journey to find the new chapter of your life. The perfect destination to do that is in Europe. Europe is a large continent, and if you do not prepare yourself enough, you will find yourself lost – literally. To help you with that, here’s your backpacking Europe alone 101.

Flying to Europe alone is a mix of excitement and a bit of anxiety which is totally normal especially when you are going to a completely different country. Everyone knows that Europe is one the most expensive continents in the world. So, before you set out to your journey, you have to know important matters such as “how much backpacking Europe alone cost?”

Backpacking Europe Cost

For you to figure out the backpacking Europe cost, you have to know the important things you need to prepare for.

Choosing Your Airline

There are many airlines who would love to send you to your dream destination. However, it would be very pricey. Only a few of them can take you to where you want to go that would fit your desired budget or even near it.

Take note of these best budget airlines and check out their airfare rates to Europe: Norwegian Air Shuttle, Easy Jet, Lufthansa, Southwest Airlines, IndiGo, West Jet, Jetstar Airways, Air Asia and a lot more. Just be reminded that prices tend to vary from time to time, so you need to book your ticket at least 3 to 4 months before your scheduled travel date.

You can also time your travel date to a low peak season to get better rates. During high peak season, roundtrip airfare ticket to Europe is around $1000 to $1500 while the low peak season rate starts at $500.

Mend A Broken Heart By Backpacking In Europe 💔

Book Your Accommodation

The place where you will be staying has to be safe, comfortable, accessible and affordable. You need to find a home away from home so take your time browsing the internet and search for the best hotel accommodation there is.

Even if you still have not decided on where exactly in Europe that you would be going, it doesn’t matter because you probably have thought about going to at least two or three countries. Find the best deals from the countries you have in mind.

Yes, you want to travel to heal yourself, and all you want to have is a taste of comfort to cuddle your pain away. However, if you go to hotels that promise you to complete relaxation, your heart will not be the only one that is broken but also your bank.

Your best bet will be probably staying at hostels or budget hotels. They will not be as cozy as a luxury hotel, but it could give you significant savings which you can use for other things like additional money to pay for your tour activities.

Solo Europe Trip Itinerary

Mend A Broken Heart By Backpacking In Europe 💔

According to Blond WayFarer, a professional travel blogger, to experience a unique journey and appreciate the beauty of Europe is through traveling not just in big cities but also to smaller towns. It is true that most tourists choose to go to bigger cities like Paris, London, Berlin or Madrid because they believed that those are the places where fun exists.

It could be true given the number of tourists flocking the cities. But try something different. After all, you are trying to create a new chapter of your life.

Places To Go To

The best way to pick up the pieces of your broken heart is to visit enchanting places. This is where you can feel peace, freedom and real amusement.

Mend A Broken Heart By Backpacking In Europe 💔
  • Colmar, France – this small town in France has been referred to as the “little Venice.” Locals can sail in river banks through a small boat. Witness the well preserved medieval village. Colmar is also known to produce wine with “exquisite aromas.”
  • Bled, Slovenia – a town shaded by beautiful mountains. It is filled with colorful trees and surrounded by blue waters. It is surely a breathtaking view. A promising sight awaits when you hike up to the medieval hilltop castle.
  • Hallstatt, Austria – one the oldest neighborhoods in the country. It is believed to be the number one source of salt mining. Fall in love with the classic, picturesque town in Austria. You’ll enjoy the enchanting scenery where the town is situated – the bank of the Hallstatter See.
  • Bibury, England – a beautiful small town found in England. Strolling in the quiet village known for the existence of well-preserved ancient stone cottages is where you could truly feel the presence of peace.
  • Albarracin, Spain – another village that successfully preserved its medieval vibe. It is located in Northern Spain. If you want to feel what the Middle Ages feels like, Albarracin could show off their proud history. This is through the ancient stone towers, narrow alleys, castles, and chapels.
  • Giethoorn, Netherlands – a simple town away from all the busiest streets in the country. And since it has no roads to drive into, its only access of transportation is sailing. People sail in the canals through a small boat. Locals can also walk by foot through the wooden arch bridges.


Through these backpacking Europe routes, you would probably find affordable accommodations and delicacies that you haven’t had before. Since small towns are a bit distant from the bigger cities, you can expect that their way of living is much more different and less expensive.

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Aside from that, they offer much cooler scenery that are way different from the popular cities that most tourists go to. Going to smaller towns could guarantee you a successful journey. You’ll have a chance to discover your new you. And hopefully to go home with a mended heart full of happiness and contentment.

Mend A Broken Heart By Backpacking In Europe 💔


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