Did you ever feel like you have this weird sense of calling?

Like someone or something is whispering to your ears but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to understand what is happening.

Do not worry because you are not going crazy. 5 out of 10 people experience the same thing, and the most common solution they always think of is to set out on a journey to find answers. Some would call it a self-discovery journey.

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back pack first timers

If you have the same experience, do not just stay in a corner and wait for the answers to come for you. Get out from your shell and for once in your life, have the courage to seek the things that need to be sought.

Go to the mountains and hike, or set sail to the wide body of water, or even fly and explore the opposite side of the world. You do not need to be rich to do these kinds of adventures because even though traveling is expensive – sometimes, it doesn’t have to be.

Travel as a backpacker, and you will know the meaning of what traveling truly is. If this will be your first time, you would probably feel a lot of hesitations which is normal, but there are many backpacking tips for beginners that would help you along the way.

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Before you get started; first you have to know the difference between a regular traveler and a backpacker. A regular traveler is someone who goes to his or her dream destinations within a specific schedule like a short, 3-day vacation or a week-long getaway.

A regular traveler also has to be specific on what accommodation he or she should stay in and where to eat – always making sure that wherever he or she goes, everything is accessible from ATMs to electronics.

A backpacker, on the other hand, is someone who travels without following a detailed plan like a schedule and booking reservations. Backpackers also go to the places they want to visit.

However, they usually take 2 to 3 weeks or even a month in their chosen destination. They are the ones who are really interested to explore every corner of the place they visit and 3 to 7 days will never be enough to do that.

Backpackers choose their accommodations and meals to whatever is decent and cheap.

Now that you know the definition of a backpacker, you are ready to know a lot more about backpacking hacks.

Your Destination

back pack first timers

A very basic part to start your journey. Since this will be your first backpacking experience and taking a lot of risks is still not your cup of tea, choose a destination that is somewhere near you like within your country. You don’t have to fly to a different country for your first time. Start your journey in your home country. Visit an old town rich with history or a beach surrounded by trees and mountains that you haven’t set your feet on before.

What To Bring

This is always the hardest part because there is always that part of you that would like to bring everything you think is necessary.

  • First, your clothing. Do not put a lot of clothes in your bag – a 2-days worth of clothes are enough. If you are traveling for a length of time and worrying about the change of clothing, then, by all means, pack a detergent bar. Make use of your hands and wash your clothes.
  • Bring toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, a mini shampoo, a soap bar, and deodorant. Remember, your hygiene is always going to be a priority.
  • Depending on the activities you are planning to do during your journey, bring either trekking shoes, sneakers or flip-flops.
  • Bring your own food such as ready to eat canned foods, snacks, and water which is good for a couple of days. Resupply when you consumed most of your food.


The best ultralight backpacking tips and tricks that you need to know is to weigh the things you have on your list before taking off. Weighing your gears ahead of time could save you from troubles during your trip and helps you become smarter with packing.

Find Your Nest

You can look for a cheap hostel nearby and as much as possible find one that offers free breakfast. Most backpackers bring their own tents and settle somewhere safe and quiet. Some places may not be for free and may require you to pay some fee, but still, you will have some savings if you prefer to go camping than sleeping in a hostel. If you go to a camp, bringing a light sleeping bag could be your smartest decision.

Stay Away From SNS

Remember that you are traveling get to know yourself better so staying away from social networking sites (SNS) is really necessary. Do not bring a tablet or a laptop or any gadgets that can be connected to the internet because you are not there to broadcast every detail of your life. Make use of this time to appreciate being alone with no one else but the serenity of the environment that surrounds you.

back pack first timers

Sharing Is Better

During your trip, you will probably meet other backpackers. This is also the time to get acquainted with new people and if you’re lucky, finding a new friend. So start it wisely, get to know them by sharing your food and get the same treatment in return. But stay vigilant at all times.


The number one on the list of backpacking secret tips – survival 101 is having easy access to water. It is a fact that even without food, a person could survive for weeks as long as there is water he or she can drink nearby.

Stay On Foot

Walking is a bit tiring, but hey, it’s good for the body. Sightseeing is much more fun than taking any transportation. Walking is free, and this gives you more chance to explore every nook of the town.

Many people have found their inner self through their backpacking journey. Indeed, learning about backpacking is a lot to take in, but you cannot deny that it could be worthwhile.

back pack first timers

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