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United States

What does it take to be referred to as the “Greatest Country on Earth?” Is it having a rich history despite only having independence for a few hundred years? Is it being a hotbed of cultures and traditions? Or is it being the home of countless innovations and groundbreaking ideas that have truly modernized the world? All of that and more are enough to receive such a prestigious title, which makes it unsurprising that it’s given to the United States of America. Regarded as the most powerful country in the world. All 50 states and the District of Columbia has played part in shaping, not just their own country, but the world.

Despite being one country, the differences between states and regions are vast and specific. The laid-back people in California, for example, are practically the polar opposites of the husting and bustling natives of New York. The country boys and girls in Texas have different worldviews from the city slickers in Illinois. What makes American such an amazing place is that every corner is a different experience. Some good, some may be bad, but all unforgettable in their own ways. Take a trip to this mega-country and see for yourself why it’s known to be the “greatest on Earth!”

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