If you are an avid traveler, you might probably want to have something to do to keep you busy while on a long trip. People have different preferences. Some listen to their favorite music genre.

5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

Others make themselves occupied munching food. Some would chitchat with friends during the entire trip. And most would enjoy the scenic spots passed by the train or bus. While these things are commonly done by many, there is still one thing that you can quietly enjoy, and that is reading books about travel.

It is true that reading can bring you to the nicest paradise unexplored by humans. Reading can give you that enjoyment; allowing you to experience the flow of life. Your life might have been so full of entropy or disorder, but the text comes to the rescue not only to give you enlightenment but also to make you feel that you are not alone.

Reading books is perfect for travelers as the trip might be solo, but there are many ways to make it more fun by reading while traveling. In this article, we’ll share with you the best books you can learn when moving.

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The Museum Of Innocence

5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

This book, written by Orhan Pamuk, gives a glimpse of a beautiful setting which is Turkey. This book shares about the love story of Kemal and his distant relative named Fusun. The plot twist is that Kema came from a wealthy family while Fusun was just a shop girl from a middle-class family.

The climax of this book is when Kemal, having had a lot of challenges encountered in life, had to build the Museum of Innocence. This was made out of his notions of love and his opinions of the existing gap in the different social classes in Istanbul.

What is even more exciting about this book is that after its release, Orhan Pamuk built the museum based on the story where visitors could see the items mentioned in his book. This museum can be found in Cukurcuma, Beyoglu in Istanbul.

Now, if you have read this book, better visit the actual museum also so that you can complete your journey you had by reading Pamuk’s magnificent novel.


5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

Do you love adventures? If yes, read this book while traveling. This will make you realize that not all experiences are meant to be enjoyable; some are difficult. This book, authored by Cheryl Strayed, lets you realize that reality, at times, could easily crush our expectations in life.

Although traveling is often full of misadventures, this books still highlights that traveling will help us encounter the unicorns and dark horses. Travels allow us to enter a doom of light or light of destruction.

Cheryl will make you realize a million thoughts in life. Through her exceptional journey from being lost to being found, you will surely have no second thoughts of altering your viewpoints when it comes to taking a step toward another trip.

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Seven Years In Tibet

5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

This book, written by Heinrich Harrer, is a masterpiece. Seven Years in Tibet is a travelogue, a history book, and at the same time, an adventure that you will love. This enjoyable read accounts the escape of the author from India after being jailed by the British army during the World War II.

The author managed to escape and headed to Lhasa in Tibet. This will make you contemplate on your most exact purpose for traveling. Why do you even go in the first place? Harrer will make you realize that the real essence of traveling knows the tradition and culture, understanding every aspect of living in a specific location.

Seven Years in Tibet brings you to the realms of Tibet before the Chinese invasion. It mirrors how the people inhabiting the Himalayas worship. Before watching the movie, you better read this book as some details, as with most books that have been adapted into the film, were already lost in the film.

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How Dare The Sun Rise (Memoirs Of A War Child)

5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

Who would love reading a biography while traveling? This is one of the best books you can read while on a trip. Authored by Sandra Uwiringiyimana from the Republic of Congo, this book will help you think about the real meaning of struggles.

Only ten years old then, the author experienced being pointed with a gun at her head. She, herself, witnessed some rebels entering a refugee camp, killing all those who do not belong in their tribe. Included in those who were killed were her mother and six-year-old sister.

“Goodbye, life.”

The statement that she told herself when the man was so close to killing her. Remarkably, the rebel did not pull the trigger, and she managed to escape, leaving her mom and sister behind. With her surviving family members, homeless and hungry, Sandra went searching for a place where they can be safe.

Luckily, through a United Nations program, they were able to move to America. Sandra and her family might have crossed oceans, but the new journey they have to take brings them to another battlefield. Stereotyping became her worst enemy which all started in her middle school. For sure, this book will make you realize that life is full of challenges; but there will always be sudden rescues in the end.


5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

What could be as exotic as India? This book will tell you about life in India. Shantaram, written by Gregory David Roberts, could be considered as one of the books that are most read by many travelers. If you are planning to visit India, you might get some ideas from this book.

Shantaram is filled with colorful descriptions of the daily life in India, specifically how Indians live in the slums. It also depicts the dark side of life in Mumbai. However, more than this side, this book will also emphasize how vibrant the lives of the Indians are.

After reading this book, you will undoubtedly be inspired to travel in India and explore its wonders. One tip though does not be swayed by the negative things you might encounter in this book. Just fly to India!

5 Best Books About Travel That You Should Definitely Read 📚

These are the perfect books about travel! Try them to add color and meaning to your journey by reading them along the way.

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