When we think of France, the city of Paris comes to mind almost immediately.

This city alone has so many wonderful spots to see and experience. You need at least five days in Paris to get to know the place.

Many travelers hesitate to travel to Paris because they think that it is too expensive. We can’t deny that fact that if you want to travel and you want to experience the culture in-depth, you have to spend some good-earned money.

Nevertheless, it will be well worth it.  So, how would you spend 5 days in Paris? We’ll share with you some of the things you can do while in France.

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How To Have A Blast In Your 5 Days In Paris 🇫🇷

How To Prepare For Paris Trip

Before going to France, it is prevalent to save money to pay for the airline ticket, hotel accommodations, and shopping. Going to one of the most expensive cities in the world without enough savings is like going to a battlefield without a weapon.

It would also not be a complete experience if you keep worrying about money during the entire trip. That’s just a big NO, NO. Let go of those worries a bit and do a shopping spree alone or with your family and friends.

France is a place where the only thing you should think about is to have extreme fun. To prepare for your upcoming France journey, think of some places you wish to explore.

Paris, France Itinerary 5 Days

  • Eiffel Tower

The number one on the list of itineraries in France would be Paris. Paris is best known as the city of love. From the glittering lights coming from the famous Eiffel Tower at night to the alluring street surrounded by fresh flowers, luxurious restaurants, and captivating scents of different perfume stores. Paris is definitely on the top of the list that a wanderlust must visit.

When you are in Paris with your partner, have the Eiffel Tower as your first stop as it is the most popular site in the city. Visit it and witness it as it dazzles under the moonlight. To skip waiting in line, book a ticket ahead of time.

To ensure the availability of the ticket, make sure to start booking at least three months before your trip. There are also fancy restaurants near the tower wherein you can admire the amazing lights of the Eiffel Tower in front of you while having an intimate dinner.

Monsieur Bleu is one of the best restaurants in town, not just because of it being in a walking distance from the tower, but also the delightful meals they serve from their breakfast menu to dinner cuisines.

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Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre Museum

If you have a passion for the arts and history, the Louvre Museum could be your next stop. The Louvre, which was established in the 1800’s, is the world’s biggest art museum. It is also where the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting is safely displayed.

The museum has also been featured in the blockbuster film The Da Vinci Code in 2003 starred by American actor, Tom Hanks. Exploring the entire museum could be a challenge since to see all the exhibits it would take weeks.

Louvre Museum
  • Notre-Dame de Paris

Another famous spot is the Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral. It was established since 1260. Because of its unique architectural design, the Cathedral became the “finest examples of French Gothic architecture.”

It is indeed a magnificent view and a must-see tourist attraction of all time. With the help of the widely known novel by Victor Hugo which also became a popular film titled The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, the Cathedral has been known to people all over the world.

Notre-Dame de Paris
  • Luxembourg Garden

Experience what it’s like to be royal by visiting Jardin du Luxembourg, which is also known as the Luxembourg Garden. The garden was created by the widow of Henry IV, Marie de’ Medici in 1611.

Its green parterre, a variety of flowers blooming around, hundreds of picturesque statues and monuments will make you feel like you are walking inside a royal palace. One day would not be enough to explore the garden.

Luxembourg Garden
  • Shopping In Paris

Paris is also widely known as the center of the fashion industry. From designer clothing to bags, Paris has it all. So your five days in Paris will not be fulfilling as you thought it would be if you forget to visit fashion boutiques in the neighborhood.

Stroll around Faubourg Saint-Honore district, and you will find the world renown designer such as Hermes, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent. When you hit the Palais Royal, better not skip the boutiques of luxury perfumes.

Serge Lutens, as well as other jewelry and art shops, are just around the corner. Not too far from that area, you will find yourself exploring another popular fashion destination, the Boulevard Haussmann and the Grands Boulevards.

Let your eyes wander and discover the beautiful things that the place has to offer. There are pieces of jewelry from Belle Epoque, a scrumptious gourmet of top executive chefs, designer clothing for men and women, and a lot more.

Shopping In Paris

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Your Paris itinerary 5 days would be a lot more fun if shared with someone or your family. There are lots of activities you and your family can do when you are in Paris, and it can be exhausting especially when you do not know where to start.

To help you with that, find a tour expert who can organize your trip for 5 days in Paris with family and friends. Or you can also arrange your journey where you can get good deals and discounts as well. But you have to be patient and persistent in ironing out your plans.

However, if you want a hassle-free tour of Paris, prepare some extra budget so you can hire a tour expert to help you. It will be worth it because you won’t have to worry. Once you are in Paris, all you should do is enjoy. After all, the enjoyment you will experience is what truly counts.


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