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Central America

Central America is all about safeguarding the past while looking forward into the future. As the saying goes, “It’s important to know where you came from in order to look where you’re going.” This applies in most of the countries in Central America, whose current colourful cultures are remnants of civilizations that helped establish how the world currently works. Even some of their most famous sites are preserved relics of their past that shed light on all that it took to become the great nations that live there now. And even with the influence of outside forces, their roots still shine through.

If you want to know the history of most of the western hemisphere, Central America is the destination for you. The tribes that once called these lands their home are the same ones that ventured into different parts of this region, creating connections that, to this day, are still strong and important. But aside from that, what also hasn’t changed in this amazing sub-continent are the natural wonders. Massive waterfalls, pristine beaches, vast mountains, and more—these are what make travelling the world a worthy experience. If you truly want to see the world for what it was and what it still is today, visit Central America!