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In the eastern part of the world stands the most colourful continent, Asia. Here, some of the most exotic and most colourful cultures collide, offering one unforgettable experience after another. Since it’s so vast, the continent itself is divided into various regions. There’s the Middle-East, the Islamic center of the world and full of etherial luxuries. South Asia, on the other hand, boasts a flurry mouth-watering and tongue-tingling cuisines. In East Asia, you’ll experience what are probably the powerhouses of the continent, with cultures and traditions that are well-known and integrated into other countries. While Southeast Asia is known as the best patch of natural paradise the world will ever see.

Each country is more different than the next, and while some may bear similarities and shared practices, their essences are far too different. This is most often witnessed in Southeast Asia, where a lot of the countries here have all influenced each other’s cultures. It’s imperative that you’ll be able to know the difference with each nation and act accordingly. Compared to other continents in the world, Asia is the most respectful of ancient traditions, and one false move can lead to unwanted consequences. Still, going here is an experience that’s one for the books!

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