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Why not make every single day of your life into a fiesta? Life is what you make it, and if you’re surrounded by people who view it as a party, then you’ll be living one as well. And in this world, there’s practically only one place that has such: the Carribean. The birthplace of reggae music, this sub-continent is all about enjoying life to the fullest, even despite your hardships and troubles. Go here, take a load off and indulge in all of what life has to offer, be it the natural wonders or the man-made spectacles. By the end of your trip, you’ll be a lot more thankful that you’re alive.

Even with such a colourful and somewhat tragic past, the people here have risen above the cracks and know that life ought to be enjoyed, not filled with miseries. And what’s to enjoy here? For one thing, Carribean countries boast some of the best beaches in the world. They’re all other-worldly paradises that you think are only possible in movies or postcards, but a trip here would tell you that they’re very much all real. Not to mention the colourful cultures that get you to dance, sing, and play all your troubles away! This kind of lifestyle is only possible in the Carribean!

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