Asia has always been one on the top list of most visited continents all over the world. Asia has a vast number of cultures that tourists are very interested to know about and even want to experience in-person.

You may worry that traveling is expensive. Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll share with you the cheapest days to fly.

Where To Go In Asia?

Japan Asia

One of the most popular tourist’s destinations is no other than the land of the rising sun – Japan. Japanese culture is unique in a way that could spark an interest to people from foreign lands such as their politeness, their traditional clothing like the Kimono and Yukata, temples, as well as the cleanliness of the surroundings.

The country made a huge name of its own through their popular Japanese cuisine like the sushi, tempura, yakitori and of course, the ramen. Their fondness with producing anime series and movies as well as comics which they call Manga have become a phenomenon in the entertainment industry around the globe.

This might be the only country where locals will not judge anyone who wears an anime costume that is weird. Only in Japan can you find people who are cosplaying and very much welcomed – from being a maid character, a samurai, a ninja or any characters you have seen from Japanese animes.

Is Japan Affordable?

Japan also has four different seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Each of which offers stunning sights to see and one of the best travel getaways that any person could have. Japan, however, is not a cheap destination. It is actually one of the most expensive countries when it comes to tour activities, accommodations, transportation, food and, of course, airline ticket.

If you want to experience Japan, it is highly recommended to find out when is the cheapest days to fly to the country. Basically, most tourists go to the country during low peak season which is from late autumn (late November to early December) through early spring (middle of March). Airlines usually give you a price rate of around $500 for a round trip ticket.

But if you really want to see Japan at its finest, which only happens during high peak seasons, then you can buy a round trip ticket for at least $1000. Don’t be alarmed because even though Japan is expensive, there is still another way to tour Japan within a budget.

Japan’s Peak Season

Japan’s Peak Season

The country is always crowded during the spring season as it is the most beautiful time of the year. Different varieties of flowers will start to bloom, like tulips, camellias, cosmos, lavender and cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms, also known as “Sakura,” are the number one attraction during this season and also Japan’s national flower.

During late March, the cherry blossoms will start to bloom to almost every city of Japan – giving a very vibrant atmosphere in the surroundings. You can admire the scenic view of the majestic flower to your heart’s content in the parks or even in the streets.

Another peak season of the country is autumn. The season is when the leaf’s colours start to change from vibrant green to alluring red and yellow-orange leaves. It is such a beautiful sight to see.

The best places to visit during autumn are Kyoto, Osaka, Tochigi, and Nara. The weather starts to get cooler in mid-October, so you must bring a thick jacket to stay warm.

The Cheapest Way To Tour Japan During Peak Season

Japanese Tunnel
  • Visit Parks

Japan’s parks are usually very huge, and you can find a zoo, coffee shops, restaurants and small shrines inside. The parks are free, but other cities’ park may require you to pay a fee, especially in the zoo when you want to see the baby pandas like in the Ueno park in Tokyo.

  • Try The $1 Shop

If you want to save some money, then visiting $1 shops could be your perfect shopping center. You can buy any stuff from the store for only $1! They sell chocolates, different kinds of snacks, instant noodles, coffee and other beverages, make-up, toiletries, school and kitchen supplies, and a lot more useful things. There are different $1 shops in Japan such as the Daiso, Can Do and Lawson 100.

  • Various Transportation

Japan has different types of transportation such as taxis, buses, electric bicycle rentals, and the subway. Touring around the city by a taxi could make you rip your wallet apart. Taxis are very expensive in Japan as their meter starts at $7 and even a 10-minute long ride could cost you at least $18.

Some tourists use the bus to get to their destination for around $2 to $3.50 (one-way). They could also rent bicycles to explore the city and rate can either be per hour or per day which ranges from $3 per hour or $27 for one day depending on the rental company.

The most recommended transportation and could get you farther is through the subway. They have train passes that would allow you to travel in and out of the city for a specific number of days. If you use the Tokyo Metro subway, they have a 24-hour ticket for $7, 48-hour ticket for $10.60 and 72-hour ticket for $13.25.

Another popular subway company in Japan and commonly used by tourists is the Japan Railway (JR). This, however, is much more expensive than the Tokyo Metro. For the duration of 7 days, you can spend $257; for a 14-day trip, it would be around $409; and a 21-day trip is around $525.

  • Free Sightseeing

The country is actually not expensive when it comes to sightseeing because of the tourist’s attractions are free. If you are in Tokyo, you can visit shrines and temples at no extra cost like the Kanda shrine, Asakusa, and Meiji Shrine. For Osaka, there are also Osaka Temmangu, Horikoshi shrine and a lot more from other cities in the country.

  • Accommodation And Food
Accommodation And Food

You can find cheap accommodations in hostels which ranges from $22 to $26 per night and most hostels offer free breakfast. So all you need to worry about is where to eat for lunch and dinner. For average, especially if you are in a bigger city, you can eat a decent meal for around $5 in Yoshinoya (small go-to restaurant) and public markets where other Asian dishes are being served.


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